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Who You Gonna Call? LEGO Dimensions Wave 3 is Here

TT Games have come to be adept at dealing with modular, blockish properties but now with a long list of explicitly on-screen LEGO games under their belt, LEGO Dimensions marks the developer’s entry into more tangible realms. A toys-to-life crossroads between some of pop culture’s best loved franchises, LEGO Dimensions has already garnered a hefty medley of additional content in the guise of Level, Team and Fun Packs, and with a third wave of additional figures released this week, the crossover party’s just getting started.

Level, Team and Fun Packs allow players access to multiple worlds in the game, providing additional open-world style levels, characters, gizmos and vehicles that can be modded in three different ways; as well as extra gameplay during the main questline.

What’s new, you ask? Let’s take a look:

joker harley

DC Comics: The Joker and Harley Quinn Fun Pack
Feeling mischievous? Foe’s a little choppy? The new Joker and Harley Quinn Fun Pack will have you smiling in no time with their appearance in . The precarious pair come adorned with the Joker’s Chopper and Harley Quinn-mobile – each respectively rebuildable  for maximum chaos. With a little tinkering, the vehicles respectively form The Joker’s Lock n’ Laser Jet and Mischievous Missile Blaster; or even an ‘Ultra Racer’ and Missile Launcher.

And the characters don’t just have Mark Hamill’s dulcet tones at their disposal. Whilst The Joker’s Grappler, Targeting, Hazard and Electricity traits could prove ample help with in-game puzzles, Harley’s Super Strength and Acrobat abilities will likely give hand in maddening battles.

A dynamic duo if ever there was one, if a little diabolical.


Ghostbusters: Venkman Level Pack

Players can take on the role of Peter Venkman in this Gozer-oriented Level Pack. Proffering “A Spook Central Adventure!” level, New York City depends on you to end Gozer’s reign of terror. Of course, it just wouldn’t be Ghostbusters without some ghost-catchy gadgetry. In addition to the buildable Venkman minifigure, players can expect to find a Proton Pack, Ghost Trap and Ecto-1, which are all playable within LEGO Dimensions. Ecto-1 and the Ghost Trap can also be respectively re-created, to form the Ecto-1 Blaster and Water Diver, and Ghost Stun n’ Trap and Proton Zapper.

With Laser Deflectors, Ghost-suspension and hazard protection to charge enemies into submission, you’ll be hailed as a hero of The Blocky Big Apple in no time. Maybe you won’t be able to say yes next time somebody asks you if you’re a god, but you will have a lot of cool toys, so it’s a reasonable compromise.


Doctor Who: Cyberman and Dalek Fun Pack
We’ve all had those days that make us want to brandish a whisk in attempt to blast a formidable laser. Haven’t we?
LEGO-driven Whovians might find delight in the new Doctor Who Fun Pack, featuring two of the Doctor’s most feared opponents, in decidedly more adorable brick-form. The Pack contains a buildable Cyberman figure, as well as a re-craftable Dalek figure that can be enlivened on screen to Mind-Control, Hack and X-Ray Vision your way through puzzles; as well as tap into diving and technological abilities to blast your way through exterminable foes.

If the standard eeriness of the pitchy-toned drone doesn’t tickle your fancy, the Dalek can be rebuilt into a Fire n’ Ride Dalek and a Silver Shooter Dalek.

Doc brown

Back to the Future: Doc Brown Fun Pack
Great Scott! It’s the antsy scientist himself! Only this time sporting a slightly more rectangular look. And smaller. But not to worry, the Back to the Future Fun Pack doesn’t appear to cut things short.

With the trusty Doc minifigure, players can see not just the whimsical mannerisms of Emmett Brown brought to life on screen, but also activate Hacking, Technology, Fixing and Drone abilities in order to bypass puzzles and power through enemies. Accompanying him is the Traveling Time Train, which can be rebuilt into the Flying Time Machine and the Missile Blast Time Train, which might just come in handy if the Doc’s having a little scientist’s idea-block. We all get them.

Sensei Wu
Ninjago: Sensei Wu Fun Pack
Ninjago fans will be able to find their inner wisdom in LEGO Dimensions’ Sensei Wu Fun Pack. Comprising a Sensei Wu minifigure, players will unlock the disciplines of Spinjitzu as well as other special abilities in order to solve Dimensions’ numerous conundrums and combat encounters.

Sensei Wu will be equipped with a Flying White Dragon, that can be reassembled to create a Golden Fire Dragon. If desolation’s more your style, however, the Ultra Destruction Dragon might just be up your alley.

In addition to unlocking several new gameplay elements and levels with each new Pack, you’ll also be able to unlock the Adventure World relative to each minifigure.

LEGO Dimensions is available this week – 20th January in the North America and then the 22nd January in the UK, for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Wii U systems.

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