Twilight Princess HD Screenshots

Out of beloved Famitsu magazine comes some new screenshots from the new remake of Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. These screenshots show off some of the changes in graphics but more than likely the most important image and only real thing we now know that has changed from the original version back on the GameCube/Wii is the fact that now there are only 12 tears of light in the Lanaryu Province, you can check the screenshot out below.

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess 6

Also, I would just like to address that Midna looks amazing in that artwork shown. Unfortunately, these screenshots do not address any other new changes or information, so whatever Nintendo is deciding to change in this, they are leaving us in the dark and personally I enjoy it. With new games, these days the developers spoil so much of the surprise that awaits in the game. Though thanks to retailers offering sales we do know that there is an amiibo for this game and will offer some unique features to go along with the game. Below you can find screenshots of the amiibo and the rest of the magazine screens.


Screenshots are taken from Famitsu magazine.

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