The Escapists: The Walking Dead Comes to PS4 in February

After the infectious popularity of Mouldy Toof’s prison-break strategy game The Escapists, Team17 took development into their own hands. Mishmashing the game’s squat, pixelated world with the unforgiving wilderness of The Walking Dead, a spin-off of the game was produced in September 2015, in collaboration with Telltale’s Walking Dead publisher, Skybound Entertainment. Originally available for the PC, Team 17’s Grant Towell has confirmed that a PS4 release will be available on February 16.

The Escapists: The Walking Dead, draws inspiration from Robert Kirkman’s series, recreating comic panels and dialogue boxes, whilst keeping in line with the strategic, 8-bit realms of the previous game.

Assuming the role of the unfortunate Rick Grimes, the player will stumble across such familiar faces as Dale, Lori and Maggie, and encounter recognizable locations like the Greene Family Farm. Players must protect their fellow survivors by keeping track of their whereabouts, as well as clobbering down the odd walker – or ten.

With over 250 materials in the game, there are around 70 different craftables in the game, from shovels and cutters to modded firearms; those who enjoyed tinkering around in the prisonish prerequisite won’t be constricted here

The Escapists: The Walking Dead is available on Steam now, and will be hitting the PS4 on February 16.

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