Saints Row: Undercover – First Look at Cancelled Saints Row Game

The Saints Row series is now renowned for its daft concepts and audacious, super-ethical combat, and has generally been well received since its Grand Thefty origin burst into being in 2006. Game devs Volition, however, have just revealed that a PSP release had previously been underway, by the name of Saints Row Undercover.

After a dev kit for the seventh-gen portable system was discovered in one of Volition’s offices, it soon transpired that a port of Saints Row 2 had been attempted, only to come to a halt once the project was deemed impractical. A video was released yesterday showing similar open-world footage to other Saints Row releases, only a little bumpier due to its unfinished nature (via. GameSpot).

Originally named Saints Row: The Fall, Undercover featured an open-world, tutorial missions and “mild player customisation”. Video Editor, Josh Stinson voiced his surprise regarding the mysterious title, commenting on how advanced the game was upon discovery: “It was honestly kind of shocking that this was so far along.”

Community Manager, Mike Watson clarified that an outside developer had been involved, in order to create the portable Saints Row entry, and after it was agreed that, “it wasn’t really living up to what a Saint’s Row game could and should be”, the game was ultimately canceled.

Volition will be screening more of the elusive Saints Row Undercover on January 28 at 2PM PST on Twitch.

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