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Oddworld: New n’ Tasty Comes to PS Vita Today

Whether you’re a hardcore Mudoken liberator or an apprehensive Slig-shadower, it’s difficult not to admire the Abe of the Oddworld series. The bumbling, luckless hero has certainly warranted recent attention, with his spangly 2014 remaster Oddworld: New n’ Tasty, and now he’s making his escape all over again, on the Playstation Vita.

“It’s a refined, specially adapted version of the game that plays to the strengths of the mobile format” explained executive producer of Oddworld Inhabitants, Bennie Terry, on the Playstation blog. The Vita release will observe a few tweaks to analog dead zones and reworking shoulder buttons to ensure Abe doesn’t stray off the beaten path; a comforting assurance considering the game’s brutally stringent nature.

The “old school” controls that were featured on the PS4 will now be the default, with the X button “hopping you forward, not up; and the left analogue stick is used to walk, not run.”

Perhaps the niftiest addition to Abe’s portable adventure is the integration of the console’s touch screen. Tapping the centre of the front screen will enable players to drop items on the ground, rather than potentially lobbing them full-pelt into the glaucous face of an unsuspecting Slig.

Oddworld 1

Despite most changes having been made to the control scheme, Terry mentions that there will be some minor visual adaptions, too. Mines are now bright red in colour to avoid accidentally blowing yourself into oblivion, and well leaves are more apparent as an directional indicator during Abe’s temple trials.

If you weren’t a fan of New n’ Tasty’s graphical overhaul, then the Vita release’s visuals might prove more palatable, furthermore, as the company have opted for a “grittier” look for the Vita release; a style that “closer resembles the 1997 classic.”

Unlike the 1997 classic, however, the Quiksave and Load features remain, and whilst loading times were claimed to potentially affect speedrun times, their reprise will no doubt remove a great deal of frustration from many a player’s experience. New n’ Tasty’s Vita release will also support cross-buy, meaning that if you downloaded the PS4 release as a PS Plus freebie, you’ll be able to shut down Rupture Farms on the train ride home for free.

With a recent vinyl soundtrack having been released, Oddworld Inhabitants seem fervent as ever to develop Abe’s tale. True enough, they’re not stopping with Oddworld’s Vita version, and are already cracking on the WiiU version, with plans to begin work on an Abe’s Exoddus remake shortly after.

You can pick up Oddworld: New n Tasty’s Vita release on the PS Store now, for $19.99 (or £15.99).

Good luck at Rupture Farms!

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