Fortified – 1950’s Earth Needs Your Assistance!

February marks the launch of new third-person strategy game, FortifiedA game similar to Orcs Must Die, this extraterrestrial tower defense sees 1950’s Earth under threat from towering robots from outer space – and it’s up to you to lead the resistance fending them off.

Created by Canadian developer, Clapfoot, Fortified (via Indie Game Mag) blends the properties of the third-person shooter, real time strategy and tower defense genres into one vivacious bundle. And with patently comic book flair too. Players can team up or go it alone, constructing the ultimate defensive network, using their wits to foil oncoming waves of towering intergalactic foes.

With an arsenal of Cold War era weaponry and experimental gizmos at your disposal, players can assume the role of one of four pulp-inspired sci fi heroes; including a jet-packing scientist, heavy assault Marine captain, an undercover government agent and a shotgun-slinging astronaut. You’ll be free to take to the breach alone, but if you prefer a little back-up, the game supports online co-op, allowing up to four players to buddy up and rally against the machines together.

Fans of the classic comic book aesthetic might be enthused by the impending invasion next week, and those eager to launch into their next tower defense tumult might end up getting along with Fortified. The game is scheduled for release on February 3, and will launch for PC and Xbox One for $14.99 (or £10.50).

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