Cities Skylines: Snowfall Announced

Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have announced the second expansion to their widely popular 2015 hit Cities Skylines. Snowfall focuses around a new in game weather and temperature system, introducing new buildings, services and challenges for players to use.

The weather system will be included within the main game for those not upgrading, but for those taking the jump you’ll be treated to the following changes:

• Now is the Winter of This Content: Rain and fog for existing maps, plus a new “Winter” map theme with snow and all of its challenges
• The Streetcars You Desire: Expanded public transportation options, including easier management of existing lines – and Trams, a new system demanded by fans
• World Warmth, Too: Cold weather increases demands for electricity, unless new water-based heat systems are in place
• Plowers to the People: Build a snowplow depot to keep traffic flowing during winter weather, and employ new road maintenance systems to keep your streets in shape
• New Chirps: #yeahthereare


The challenge in an ever demanding and changing city should provide more depth to the already impressive product. With citizens looking to use more energy and behaving differently should make building your city better than ever. The new weather conditions, coupled with the day/night cycle introduced last year, should give cities new life with an ever growing set of seasons and changing back drops.

The update is currently set to “Coming Soon” on the Paradox store and will join last years “After Dark” to become a part of the growing Cities Skylines collection. Expect the game to retail for around £15 which seems to be the norm for Paradox Interactive published expansion packs. The expansion will be available on PC, Mac and Linux.

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