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An Early Look at WrestleMania

We are officially on the road to WrestleMania 32.

In fact we’ve already taken a drive down that road. We are right now just stopping at a service station to refuel and pay extortionate prices for sandwiches…. I think I’ve strayed from my point. WrestleMania 32 is right around the corner and as me and my fellow Ring The Bell podcaster Andrew have discussed at length, we have no idea what we are going to see at the latest ‘biggest show in WWE history’. In this article, I’m going to attempt to book, if not the whole show, then at least a good portion of it.

Lets start with the pre-show; this screams battle royal to me, as with currently a plethora of lower card wrestlers at their disposal, WWE could easily make this the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal match again, or give the winner a shot in the Intercontinental Title ladder match on the main card. Either of these works for me but I’ll go with the Andre classic and have Mark Henry going over, and given the recent speculation that he’s soon to retire, it would be a fitting end for the Dallas native Worlds’ Strongest Man.

Charlotte v Sasha Banks looks to be a certainty after the conclusion of the WWE Womens Title match (remember, there are no Divas at Ring the Bell) at the Royal Rumble. This works great for me as Sasha is the best female wrestler in the company and Charlotte isn’t that far behind in terms of ability, and we’ve seen before the excellent matches these two can have on NXT so showcasing them on the grandest stage of them all makes all the sense in the world to me.


Coming off his memorable debut at the Rumble, the AJ Styles conundrum is one that is bothering me. Of all the guys on the roster for him to oppose, a big match with Kevin Owens could steal the show. He was booked on his Raw debut in a very competitive match with veteran Chris Jericho and they teased a possible Y2J heel turn after the match, which could see them enter into a long feud. And although I’m not wholly against a match between these two at Mania, I’d be hoping for something bigger for the Phenomenal One on his WrestleMania debut.

Now on to the Intercontinental Title. Given previous ‘Mania shows, the title being on the line in a Ladder match seems likely. Since they gave the Money in the Bank its own PPV they needed to fill the gap at ‘Mania with something else to dangle above the ring, and the Intercontinental Title seems suitable enough. After Daniel Bryan’s win in this match last year, they have a long way to go to recapture the excitement of the crowd with a new champion. Current champion Dean Ambrose as the reigning champion is an obvious participant, but they have the opportunity here to make a new star on the main card. With wrestlers like R-Truth, Jack Swagger, The Miz et al already on the main card they could use this as a chance to promote NXT guys like Sami Zayn and even Samoa Joe, and if you add to that the underused talents of Tyler Breeze and Neville, then they have the makings of a great match on their hands.

I think we can all book the United States Championship match of Kalisto v Alberto Del Rio, though personally I hope that feud is over by then as I would like to see a story develop between Kalisto and Neville, as that would make for some excellent matches between the two.

Roman Reigns v Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and some form of Brock Lesnar taking on either Bray Wyatt or the whole Wyatt clan, seem to already be in the works for WrestleMania along with the New Day defending the Tag-Team Titles in some sort of multi-team tag match including the wasted Dudley Boyz. More over, this could be an opportunity to call up some superb NXT tag-teams such as American Alpha or Dash & Dawson.



Now then, the big question; how do you book The Undertaker in his possibly-final WrestleMania match, in his hometown in the biggest stadium to ever host the ‘Granddaddy of ’em All’? For the longest time it seemed this match had John Cena’s name written all over it, however injury has put paid to that showdown happening. Now the Deadman has faced Triple H three times, and Shawn Michaels and Kane twice. Triple H and Michaels obviously won’t be adding another time to that list, although I have to admit that Demon Kane for me is a very viable option given that they seem to be rebuilding him after his stint with the Authority. But honestly, no one wants to see that match in 2016.

However, let me propose another idea for Big Evil and please bear with me on this…Finn Balor. Or rather ‘The Demon’ Finn Balor!

Finn is currently scheduled to have an NXT Title match with Samoa Joe two days before WrestleMania, which leaves his schedule wide open. My belief is that Undertaker will lose at WM32 and in the process giving one up-and-comer one of the biggest rubs in wrestling history. Balor could, and should, be the man to lead WWE in the next few years and what better way to achieve that than have him and his debuting Balor Club take out the Deadman?

Of course, all of this is nothing but pure speculation at this point and I’m sure on the coming Ring The Bell podcasts me and Andrew will discuss this at length.

Now won’t somebody please ring that bell…

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