Doomsday is Coming in New Dawn Of Justice Trailer

The second full-length trailer has been released for DC Comics’ big superhero mashup, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

The new 3-minute tease, which contains almost entirely new footage, reveals more of the plot than previously announced, including one massive bad-guy reveal.

After a brief sneak peek earlier this week, it was clear to see that something big was coming from the announced trailer, but what was released has exceeded expectations, essentially Warner Bros. are going all in to compete with the power of Captain America: Civil War.

While Wonder Woman still doesn’t get much screen time, the trailer, which premiered during Jimmy Kimmel Live!, definitely gives fans a sense of what the future has in store for DC’s Cinematic Universe, leading up to the Justice League movies.

Beginning with a slightly passive-aggressive conversation between our heroes alter egos, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne, we get a sense very early on that Bruce is out for blood, showing off some of that classic Wayne charm.

“Maybe it’s the Gotham city in me—I have a bad history with freaks dressed as clowns.”

Before things heat up too much between the two, in swoops Lex Luthor, before the trailer goes full throttle as we learn more about Superman’s nemesis and what he had planned in this universe.

It’s then that we get the biggest reveal, DOOMSDAY, the character in the comics who successfully defeated and killed Superman.

Dawn Of Justice is due for release in cinemas on 25 March 2016.

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