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Star Wars Battlefront Debuts DLC Trailer

EA have released a new trailer ahead of the launch of the new Battle of Jakku DLC for Star Wars Battlefront.

The add-on gives players a chance to experience the events that led to the huge, battle-scarred landscape of Jakku that will be seen in The Force Awakens.

The DLC brings new maps to the game, as well as a new 40-player multiplayer mode entitled ‘Turning Point’. There will also be a new capture system wherein the rebel forces must take over Imperial bases found in the new Jakku map. Inevitably, there is a time limit for the rebels forces, but the remaining time is extended for each successful takeover. The last base will then be a final stand for the empire, with the battle proving to be difficult for both sides.

The Battle of Jakku pack is available for free from tomorrow for players who pre-ordered the game. Everyone else will need to wait until 8 December to get their hands on it.

Star Wars Battlefront is currently available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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