Peter Jackson Fuels Speculation He Will Direct Doctor Who Episode

Director Peter Jackson has added fuel to persistent speculation he will take on an episode of Doctor Who.

For a long time now, fans of both Doctor Who and the Middle Earth saga have been dreaming of Jackson’s involvement in Doctor Who. The hype began when 11th Doctor Matt Smith suggested it may happen back in a 2012 interview, with showrunner Steven Moffat later confirming that the invitation was there.

Three years on and Peter Jackson himself has posted a new video on his official Facebook page featuring the Director, Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi and a Dalek.

Earlier in November Moffat told the Metro that he was still very keen for Jackson to direct an episode of the science-fiction television show, though adding “He’s mentioned it, and then we email him and he doesn’t reply.”.

Back in 2012, Jackson told the Doctor Who producers to name a time and place for him to direct an episode and that Christmas Jackson, who worked alongside Moffat on The Adventures of Tintin in 2011, met with the show runner to discuss the idea. Later in, 2013, Jackson told Entertainment Weekly he’d waive his usual fee and direct Doctor Who for a gold Dalek prop. Since then Jackson had gone quiet and Capaldi had replaced Smith as the Doctor.

Now, the tongue-in-cheek video shows Jackson and daughter Katie discussing an email from Doctor Who writer/producer Steven Moffat. Jackson says he only replies to Moffat’s emails when he can understand them. “Some are a bit incoherent – like his scripts. There’s great ones and then there’s ones that are … not great,” Jackson quips.

Capaldi, the twelfth Doctor Who, then appears in the room with a letter from the BBC requiring Jackson’s signature. After an amusing back and forth, Capaldi is then chased from the room by a Dalek who proclaims Capaldi an enemy of the alien robot mutants and threatens him with extermination as the Jacksons talk on obliviously mistaking the furore going on behind them for a loud TV in another room.

Capaldi is currently taking a break after filming the latest series of Doctor Who and visited the Hobbiton film set as part of his week-long visit to New Zealand.

Nothing has been confirmed by either Jackson or the BBC but if the director does take on the Doctor we can expect great things from series 10.


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