Doctor Who Showrunner Talks Sonic Sunglasses

Non-Doctor Who fans may struggle to believe this, but following the early episodes of the latest series, there is somewhat of an uproar over the addition of wearable technology to the Doctor’s wardrobe.

In the second episode, the famed Sonic Screwdriver was replaced with Sonic Sunglasses, prompting a backlash that included a petition to banish the glasses. In response, showrunner Steven Moffat explained the reason for the change, while also admitting that the Screwdriver may well see the light of day again once more.

“The original joke which we’ve sort of slightly forgotten, [is] that the screwdriver was just a screwdriver that made a noise. It’s gradually become this all-purpose everything that looks really cool…It’s fun to be naughty. I know some people are incredibly irate about it, and I’m sure the screwdriver will show up again someday. But just to show that we can – why not?”

Season 9 of Doctor Who is currently airing on BBC One.


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