Armikrog Finally Launches

As a fan of Neverhood, Earthworm Jim and (to a lesser extent) Skullmonkeys,  I’ve been looking forward to Pencil Test Studios’ claymation title Armikrog ever since I first laid my eyes on its sexy stop motion concept video. That was in May 2013 and as two years past I finally got my hands on to play Armikrog for the first time during London’s EGX Rezzed, sadly my interest from that point had dwindled.

Admittedly playing a preview build of a game you’re looking foward to is never a good idea and the finished product is usually free from any bugs or glitches you may have experienced. However this particular build of the game made me think that we’d need to wait another 1-2 years at least before it would surface (maybe even in early access to fit in with the modern trend of indie games).

So imagine my surprise to the news of publisher Versus Evil (Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma, Toren) announcing that – a mere 7 months following my preview, Armikrog finally sees it’s release.

Looking on the Steam reviews it’s almost an even split on good and bad reviews just one day on from release, but that doesn’t mean this is a definitive bad title. If you want to go and judge for yourself then Armikrog is available to purchase on Steam for £19.99 – or £22.99 if you’d like the soundtrack included with the game.

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