Ready Player 2 58: Parenting Tips With Nintendo

Explicit Content Warning

Welcome back to the podcast that’s more fun than checking sausages at the Prime Minister!

So it’s been awhile since Dave left us for that much greener side of the grass (he’s doing very well by the way) and El seems to have gone runabout in a world of make believe. So what’s the RP2 team to do? Leave you with the witterings of Rich & Lewie while they keep going on about Fallout? Nah, instead they’ve only roped Ross (the now award winning Podcaster) into returning to the show.

So get ready as the Ready Player 2 crew get down and dirty with:

•  Everyone plays Fallout Shelter
•  Ross conquers The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Batman: Arkham Knight and Madden 16
•  Lewie revisits Deadpool and tries out The Walking Dead: Road to Survival
•  Rich details his parenting tips with the Nintendo Entertainment System and takes a try at Until Dawn
•  Pokémon Go is a thing (please be awesome)
•  Apple TV steps into the gaming ring
•  Second hand game sales are on the rise
•  Fun times with Ross’ new Twitter game
•  Plus, loads more…

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Fallout Shelter – Official Website
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Official Website
Batman: Arkham Knight – Official Website
Madden 16 – Official Website
Deadpool – Official Website
The Walking Dead: Road to Survival – Google Play
Until Dawn – Official Website
Pokémon Go – Trailer
Apple TV – News Article


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  1. Super Mario Bros to challenge your kids? Pfft… get them on some Dark Souls.