‘The Flash’ Season 2 Teaser Offers First Look At Atom Smasher

The CW has released a brief teaser trailer for the second series of DC comics based TV show, The Flash. Despite being only ten seconds in length, it does provide us with our first proper look at the new villain in town as well as an interesting new piece of Flash equipment.

Last month we found out that former WWE champion Edge, real name Adam Copeland, had been cast to play Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) newest foe, none other than Atom Smasher. Despite the news being a hit with fans, the studio has kept the characters look for the show under wraps, until now.


Atom Smasher is something of a DC veteran, first appearing in the comics All-Star Squadron #25 in September 1983. He has a long history with many of the DC Universes best, including the Suicide Squad. The godson of the Golden Age Atom, the Atom Smasher has the ability to growth to enormous size as well as having super strength. In addition to being a comic book regular, he has previously appeared on-screen in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon and the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game.

It isn’t just Atom Smasher’s Atom connection that sees him joining The Flash though, Barry Allen has a complicated history with the character as well in DC’s comic Universe which has turned sour on more than one occasion.

Comics aside, the character has already had a subtle mention in The Flash season one as it is revealed that one of the human casualties of the particle accelerator explosion was a Mr. Al Rothstein. Now anyone that knows the character will be aware that Atom Smashers real name is Albert Rothstein – always thinking ahead in the superhero genre aren’t they?

Oh, did I mention the Flash bat-signal thing?

The Flash season two begins Tuesday, October 6 in the US with no current air date in the UK.

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