Hayley Atwell Talks Agent Carter

Marvel’s Agent Carter finally makes it’s UK TV debut today, some six months after it’s maiden American airing, and star Hayley Atwell has admitted that she has no idea why it has taken so long.

Speaking to the press during promotion for the series, Atwell said;

“There’s been a big campaign online, people saying, ‘Come on Britain, get your arse into gear!’ so I don’t know. It might be that broadcasters wanted to see the whole thing before they committed to it…It was very different to Agents of SHIELD, but they might’ve expected it to be very similar and wondered whether it was a relevant show to bring over. But it’s a good question – I’m not really privy to it, so I don’t really know. Silly broadcasters!”

Atwell also made the revelation that despite playing Carter in her own series, as well as appearances in Captain America movies The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier, she has never actually read a Marvel comic.

“I’m yet to read a comic, isn’t that awful? I feel so bad. I did a little bit of research of where Peggy was at, in terms of the comics, but we felt that we were starting from scratch, and I also didn’t want too much to live up to. I wanted to find a way of making it a fresh and modern interpretation of this 1940s character and I think if I’d looked at the comics, it would’ve bogged me down too much in what was in there, rather than bringing my own ideas to her. That’s my excuse anyway!”

Speaking on the announcement that a second season had been commissioned, Atwell revealed that everyone else knew before she did, though she admitted that due to the critical response, she expected a renewal.

“Because of the time difference, when they announced that there would be a second season, I was fast asleep in London. So I woke up to the whole world knowing before I did, with all these messages from Marvel saying ‘Answer your phone!’ But I couldn’t see it not happening – just because of the online support, and the ratings seemed to be good. It wasn’t a terrible flop – so I thought they would at least give us one more go to make a better season and maybe tackle some of the problems that some critics might’ve had with the first one.”

Agent Carter airs on Fox UK. In May, it was confirmed that a second series would have an extra two episodes.


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