Marking Out presents WrestleMania 31

Every wrestling fan looks forward to one certain day on the calendar, one day that the last 11 months have built to. And we are rapidly approaching that day;


On a previous episode of Ring the Bell, you would have heard Andrew talk about how he and Coleman (yep, that’s them in the picture below) visited the charming Loading bar in London – an establishment not too unfamiliar to some members of TPoW – for a Royal Rumble viewing party hosted by the wonderful people at Marking Out.

The event was such a success that they have decided to do it all over again for the biggest event of the year. And befitting the biggest event of the year, Marking Out have already announced just some of the stuff you can look forward to;



Exclusive to Marking Out, we’ve invested (James’ has) in an extra projector and screen for the Wrestlemania extravaganza. There was a call for extra viewing room whilst upstairs so we’ve pulled out all the stops.


We promised epic wrestling battles through the N64’s No Mercy at Royal Rumble but due to time constraints, we had to cut it from the agenda. To make it up to you, we will be utilising the XBOX One’s (plural b*****s), PS4 and Xbox 360 to give you the chance to recreate events gone by. There might even be A HUGE RUMBLE with each attendee being given a wrestler as when they come out.


Your ticket cost is basically you retaining your first beer on arrival, which alone is ridiculous. We’re giving you the ice breaker that you need when another Mark states Rey Mysterio is returning (he’s not). Plus, Loading bar are putting together some beer drinks deal plus a very lovely Wrestlemania cocktail. Who knows what is going to be in it as James has done some incredible drink work before.


Simple: Knowledge is power.

Mark Henry might disagree, but it is – and we’re going to test yours. Our Royal Rumble party was a massive success, but we pulled the quiz because it was half baked, it wasn’t what it should have been and it just wasn’t ready.

That night, we sent it back to developmental with a missile dropkick and the brief that it needed a new gimmick. It’s now ready, and so we would like to share with you thus following announce-shizzle:

Put your hands together and please welcome, the Cheap Pop Quiz to our schedule for the evening. It’s a quiz that you wont forget in a hurry. Not your average pub quiz, we’ll be testing your knowledge, skill, creativity and ability to cause a scene. Utilising technology from the far distant future, we will be fusing spreadsheets and projectors to create a quiz experience unlike anything you have ever seen.

With prizes to be won for quiz winners and best team name, make sure you turn up with your wrestling knowledge refreshed and a choice of team names ready. (Any teams named Quizzy Rascal will be automatically disqualified).

A word of advice; brush up your grey brain bits. This is going to tax you good and we’ve got some WORLD CHANGING PRIZES.



There will also be more announcements in the lead-up to the event to whet your appetite.

The event is now SOLD OUT but you can go RIGHT HERE to get yourself on the waiting list for the ultimate day of wrestling!

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