Video Preview: Hands-on with Windows 10

On September 30th Microsoft unveiled their newest operating system, the successor to Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

Some have questioned the name, asking what happened to windows 9, with theories springing up all over the internet. One of these being to do with Microsoft’s large Japanese market share, 9 is considered an unlucky number in Japan. Whatever the reason, Windows 10 it is.

With the technical preview now available for download I’ve had a hands-on look at the new flagship OS, scheduled for released in late 2015.

With Windows 8 being something of a letdown for many users thanks in part to Microsoft’s “mobile first” approach, Windows 10 will be a welcome change. The start menu is back and there have been several improvements made to how the metro apps (introduced in Windows 8) are displayed as well as multitasking enhancements for those using the OS on a touchscreen device (something 8 was not great at).

First impressions are that we have something of a love child between Windows 7 and Windows 8 and yet it never feels like Microsoft is doing a 180 and turning their back on the bold move they made with Windows 8, this feels more like they have learnt from the mistakes made, listened to their customer feedback and moved forward with something new and improved.

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