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EGX Preview: Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Batman gets a third entry in the LEGO series as the Caped Crusader teams up with the superheroes of the DC universe to head into outer space to stop the dangerous Braniac from destroying Earth.

Developer: Traveller’s Tales/Feral Interactive
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Previewed on: PlayStation 4
Also Available On: Xbox One, Wii U, PC (Win), Mac, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360,PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS,  iOS
Release Date: 11th November 14 (US)/14th November 14 (Europe)

It didn’t take me long to determine the first game I would head for once the doors to Earls Court opened and my EGX 2014 experience began. TT’s previous journeys to Lego Gotham have produced excellent and well-received results and the minute the latest incarnation was announced to be playable, I knew where I would be.

The LEGO series has come a long way since the days of Star Wars, with every edition more anticipated than the last. TT’s last several outings – including dips into the Marvel and Hobbit franchises – have brought great success and they are going to attempt to follow that with a third visit to everyone’s favourite billionaire-by-day-crimefighter-by-night.


And with another Batman game comes the usual suits and toys. Suit-wise, the wardrobes from LEGO Batman 2 remain but are now joined by Bat’s space suit and Robin’s awesome Toy Wonder outfit. It is genuinely fun to change into these alternate attires and just play around with what they can do.

The demo levels we got to try out looked stunning. Obviously using the capabilities of next current-gen consoles, the colours were crisp and animation magnificent. And even with the quality of previous LEGO outings, Beyond Gotham just seemed that little bit smoother. And despite this being the third Bat game from TT, it feels new and fresh and not a retread. A rare quality these days.

You start in the Batcave, once again looking suitably dark and brooding yet full of Wayne-funded tech, and following a short period of puzzle-solving and piece-collecting, you find yourself in a Batrocket exiting the pond of Wayne Manor – complete with bobbing LEGO ducks – and heading up to the Justice League Watchtower in space. Here is where the level really picks up, with the atmospheric conditions looking truly stunning.

As you would expect, and going back to the graphics, all the characters we were authorised to see looked realistic. Playing as The Flash, in particular, was a little joy to behold.

Speaking of characters, one of the major plus points with LEGO Marvel Superheroes was the expansive roster of characters that were available to use, and here is no exception. Beyond Gotham comes with over 150 DC characters included, making it the largest LEGO cast yet. And there are some darn good characters in there to choose from; not only the usual names from the DC universe, but some fun little additions as well. Want Kevin Smith and Adam West? You got them, in LEGO!


Despite all the games on offer inside Earls Court, I would have happily remained seated playing this all day. In fact, I allowed myself a couple of repeat plays over the course of my time there. From what I played, it is a truly wonderful game. Everything a LEGO game connoisseur will enjoy and be used to. Yes, some things never really change with LEGO games, but what impressed me with this is the nice little additions that succeed in making it feel like something new.

So I walked away from Beyond Gotham totally confident that when the full game hits shelves – and my console disc tray – I will be enjoying yet another classic TT offering. While the core of LEGO games never change, you get the feeling at this point that dedicated fans of the series aren’t bothered. We know what we are going to get, and we can’t wait.

Holy LEGO bricks Batman!

Official site link


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