Gamescom 2014: DriveClub Social Trailer

Sony’s new first party driving sim DriveClub seems to be clawing its way back into relevance after going from a PlayStation 4 launch title to a long delayed game. Showing an impressive presence at many shows this year with more to come, this year’s gamescom is no different.

A new trailer for the game was shown off at the event to showcase the social aspects and weather effects, which you can watch the video above. in the video – Sony studios; Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, Guerrilla Games, Santa Monica Studio, XDev are shown playing DriveClub together along with the big man himself  Shuhei Yoshida (Sony Computer Entertainment CEO).

Players will earn points for driving with style or precision and earn accolades for each car and club. Face-offs for drifting, speeding and nailing the racing line all earn you fame to unlock new cars and liveries for you and your club. You and friends can create challenges and include whomever you like. Get as many drivers and clubs involved as possible, as rewards become bigger when more people take part.

DriveClub is being developed by Evolution Studios and is slated for release on the 7th October for PlayStation 4.

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