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Did Marvel Rewrites Lead to Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man Departure?

Edgar Wright allegedly quit Ant-Man following script overhauls by Marvel bosses.

Latino-Review are reporting that studio bosses took the script away from Wright and Joe Cornish and returned it completely different from how it was originally imagined.

The website claims that Marvel had notes several months ago containing details that they wanted Wright and Cornish to incorporate into their script draft, such as the need to involve ‘franchise players’. These requests were incorporated by the writers, however approximately six weeks ago Marvel took the script and handed it to two low-credit writers, one of which was an in-house writer at the studio. Despite this, Wright agreed to stay on the project and read the revised draft. However when that draft came back – in the website’s words – ‘poorer, homogenized, and not Edgar’s vision – Wright informed Marvel of his decision to quit. Yesterday’s announcement followed shortly after.

As we stated in yesterday’s report, Marvel have reportedly already signed on a new director, and while they are staying quiet as to their identity, it is possible that they will wait to Comic-Con before announcing who that is.

Considering Marvel president Kevin Feige regularly spoke to his admiration for Wright and his excitement over the Ant-Man project, this news would suggest these script demands and rewrite requests came from higher-up, possibly over Marvel’s head and at Disney. Regarding the already-announced cast, there is no word yet how this news will impact them however it is understood that their contracts and agreements do not allow them the opportunity to depart the movie like Wright.

Ant-Man will release on July 17 2015.



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