Review: Fantastic 4 in a Row 2

Looking at traditional games for a moment and the name Connect 4 always springs to mind for me, as a child I’d loose countless hours to those little coloured plastic disks. Whether it was Christmas day, a Birthday or just playing with friends, there’s no way this classic childhood game could be matched for me. Ensena Soft’s Fantastic 4 in a Row 2 takes this retro title and brings it onto touch screen devices and since getting my hands on the title, I’ve found myself continuously playing it when I have a moment spare. Whether its a bus journey or a shop queue, Fantastic 4 in a Row 2 is a great time waster – just as a good mobile title should be.

Developer: Ensena Soft
Publisher: Ensena Soft
Reviewed on: Android (Google Nexus 5)
Also Available On: iOS
Release Date: Available Now

So Fantastic 4 in a Row 2 is a game that’s really engaging and entertaining. Featureing multiple different game modes that will allow the playing to switch between difficulties and game modes, these difficultly levels make the game really easy to pick up. Out of the four difficulties to choose from, the first three feel somewhat human as they make mistakes and don’t always see what you’ve got planned ahead. This couldn’t be said for the hardest difficulty, which (before I go on) I have to mention is what just kept me playing. Fantastic 4 in a Row 2‘s AI opponent destroys me every time I play on the hardest hurdle and I’ve still yet to beat it. I’ve even my phone round to friends & family as a challenge and still, nobody has beaten this computerised champion. Some people may find this annoying and tedious but I’ve found it thoroughly addictive as it’s not impossible to win, just extremely hard.

Playing the game’s multiplayer also proves entertaining, as it takes a really unique spin on the original game. Players will find the board multiplies itself four times depending on how many friends you wish to play with (for example three friends equals three boards), which allows for some really interesting friendly challenges. When first trying this out I have to admit that I was slightly confused on how it would work, but after my first game I’d picked it up pretty quickly. Having four players on four boards can soon get hectic, you’re constantly in a battle and there’s no time to take your eye off the board. You also have to rotate the board constantly to check no one is about to win on the other side, which provides some frenzy to this classic style of game.

Fantastic 4 in a Row 2

Fantastic 4 in a row 2 has shown that classic board games will never die and will always have a place in the gaming world, whether that’s physical or digital. I’ve mentioned during this review the word ‘classic’ and I feel that this is what Developr Ensena Soft have gone for. The interface seems slightly dated which gives me this classic and calm feel and it functions as it should with no buggy menus. The background image slightly threw me off as I had no idea how it was related to Connect 4 in anyway but paired up with the  game’s soundtrack, provides a sort of calm, relaxing vibe. Small particle effects are shown when getting 4 in a row and even placing your counters on the board although this isn’t something you’d really pick up on, its subtlety goes a long way and once again adds to this games calm feeling.

After playing with friends on multiple boards going back to playing single player with the AI kind of seems like a huge step back as the game doesn’t feature a four board Connect 4 in which you could play in single player. This left me slightly confused as well as a bit disappointed, I love playing with four boards but I don’t always have a friend around to play. I’m sure this is something Ensena Soft is working on and if not could be a great idea for the next fantastic 4 in a row, which I’ll eagerly await.

[tabgroup][tab title=”The Good“]
Unique Multiplayer

[/tab][tab title=”The Bad“]
User Interface could be enhanced
No Multi-board single player
Strange background scene


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