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Preview: Alien: Isolation

Set 15 years after what happens in the world famous film Alien. Ellen Ripleys daughter Amanda lands on Space Station Sevastopol and has to investigate what happened to the crew of Nostromo and most importantly her Mother. Amanda volunteered for this mission but doesn’t understand that the Sevastopol is already accompanied by a lovely Alien, oh aren’t they such cute creatures… okay, maybe not. This fierce monster is rather hungry and is on the hunt. “Try and Stay Alive” – Samuels 

Developer: The Creative Assembly
Publisher: SEGA
Previewed on: Playstation 4
Also Available On: Playstation 3/Xbox One/Xbox 360
Mircosoft Windows
Release Date: 7th October 2014

EGX Rezzed unveiled this game for me, and I have to say I haven’t been so scared since I watched the original film as a child. I found myself jumping out of my skin in front of the developers and other keen gamers. Upon playing the game I found it to be like most survival horrors, constantly on edge and worried what was around the next corner, but knowing that it was Alien that was chasing me, well… it made me even more frightened going back to the memories I had as a kid.

The game starts you off with Samuels (The guy who thought he had located Amanda’s mother) walking you through your mission, he then mentions the details of the mission and how each item in your inventory functions. He also mentions that the Alien could be on the station already and that it can hear you, smell you and see you – so you should be as stealthy as you can just in case. Oh! I forgot to mention, he also tells you there’s no killing this thing. After hearing all of this I was beginning to think this game was impossible, I was actually so scared to play it in case I embarrassed myself and was about to leave (I’m a wimp when it comes to horror games). But after him showing me the trackers – which is a piece of equipment used to show the aliens location as well as your objective, curiosity got the better of me and so I persisted to play it.

Alien Isolation Screen 2

So I’m playing as a moderately young girl in a space station where everyone is dead and the power is out. My friendly and wise colleague Samuels points out that I should turn on the power but the door I need to pass through is locked, I now need to find how to get through this without dying. I begin to stroll around nice and calmly looking around on how I should return power to the station and BANG! I jumped a mile in front of everyone before realising that it was only a spark from a nearby electrical box, this was were I was to find a heat gun that I so desperately needed to pass through the door and to the next area.

The next area led me to where I (eventually) found the power source after using the tracker I was given at the start to locate my objective. I proceeded to hack the terminal in order to activate the power, as soon as I’d done so, alarms rang so very, very loud. Now the pressure was on, Samuels was shouting at me, telling me to find the console to turn the alarm off and I was just sprinting franticly whilst I tried to find it. Once it was switched off, a cut-scene activated and the vent on the ceiling fell down and along with it… so did the Xenomorph! Amanda dropped to the floor behind the desk as the huge monstrosity of an Alien soon followed, its tail landing almost on top of  her she whispers to Samuels “It’s here… with me“. At this point my heart was racing to dangerous levels, while I wet myself was scared out of my mind. Amanda waited for the Alien to leave and made for a sneaky escape back to the previous area of the station. But I didn’t get to far before that damn Alien hunted me down and ate my head, which was also followed by me nearly screaming like a little girl. Sadly at this point my game time was over, but I really enjoyed what I  played and it makes for an amazing survival horror.

Alien Isolation Screen 1

The Creative Assembly have done a really good job in creating what’s in my opinion going to be the most anticipated and successful Alien games since the days of Sega Megadrive. With their previous titles such as Vikings: Battle For Asgard and Total War franchise I’m sure Alien: Isolation will be safe in their hands.

Graphically, playing on the PlayStation 4 was immense and the Xenomorph (from what I saw of it) looked scary as Hell. One of the developers mentioned that the Alien is running on a really advanced AI system with complex behaviours, as well as almost learning what the player does and adapting to become an even more capable hunter. Through the game, it gains experience becoming more aware and sensitive to sight, sound and smell. It’ll also change the way it hunts in order to find you, which I thought was an awesome design feature. Breaking the line of sight between you and the Alien is crucial in order to succeed in your mission on the Space Station Sevastopol, hiding under desks, in lockers and around corners should make for intensive gameplay. Imagine Outlast meets Dead Space, that’s the best way I can describe this Sci-fi Survival Horror.

Now I’ve had my hands on time with Alien: Isolation, I am just counting down the days to its release and truly believe that this could very well be the greatest title to ever come from the franchise. Bringing with it great atmosphere, intense gameplay, smart AI and beautiful aesthetics, Alien: Isolation is a true net-gen title and will be heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC systems from the 7th October.

Official Website
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