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Introducing: Humble Indie Bundle 11

Since 2010 the lowly Humble Bundle has been subtly changing the way we pay for great games. The concept is simple: name your price for a collection of great games. As great as this is for the consumer it is also an excellent pricing system for developers and even charity! This is due to an innovative system which allows prospective buyers to choose what percentage of their money goes to the publisher, the developer or charity respectively.

As of this week you can try out this amazing system too, with Humble Indie Bundle 2 having been released. The games on offer are as follows:


A metroidvania style sidescroller starring a Mexican Luchador wrestler on a quest to rescue is beloved. Expect epic combat, dimension hopping and zombies! See not only why Guacamelee!: Gold Edition has gotten such high praise, but just why it’s so fun and addictive too.

Dust An Elysian Tale

Dust: An Elysian Tail is a beautiful sidescroller drawn in a hand painted style, which hides a sophisticated battle system behind its alluring visuals. Wield the mysterious Blade of Ahrah as you cut, weave and blast your way through enemies while your companion Fidget aids you with magic.

Giana Sisters Twitsted Dreams

Like Dust, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams offers astounding visuals, and like Guacamelee it has a dimension meddling mechanic. But this game is more than a simple amalgamation. The tough combat and platforming is handled through careful manipulation of the sister’s dream worlds which can be switched between at will. You must combine their differing abilities mid-game in order to triumph.

The Swapper

The Swapper is an excellent example of gaming’s ability to address key philosophical issues in a way no other medium can, in this case: the problem is personal identity. In a non-descript location in space you are armed with only cloning device to navigate the deadly platforms and escape your fate. As each clone of yourself dies you swap to another clone preserving your life. Or do you? As the bodies pile up and you control clone after clone the question becomes: who is the real you?

Ani Chamber

The best way to describe Antichamber is: ‘optical illusion the game’. Explore a psychologically subjective world of wonders, delights or horrors depending on your perspective. And perspective is really the name of the game here (so to speak) as mind-bending geometric mazes play with your expectations and deliver a puzzle game unlike any other. The phrase ‘it has to be seen to be believed’ was never more fitting.

Monaco Whats yours is mine'

Rounding out our list is Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine, which steals the show quite literally with its class-based, heist gameplay. Play as The Locksmith, The Lookout, The Pickpocket, The Cleaner, The Mole, The Gentleman, The Hacker or The Redhead and assemble your perfect crew to pull off the perfect crime. Either that or go it alone and prove that an expert thief requires no-one but himself. Either way this is one caper you won’t want to miss.

So there you have it, you could pick up all those great games for as little or as much as you want. So what are you waiting for? Humble Indie Bundle 11 is out now.

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Hi all! I am the newest member of the Palace of Wisdom team. I have a strong background in Philosophy, English Literature and, of course, Games. As a result my favourite games combine all three of these interests. Some examples include: Bioshock, Mass Effect and Deus Ex.