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Heroes Reborn: Excitement Of A Fanboy

As ridiculous it is to be so happy about the come back of a television show, I must say I don’t care at all as to how I express the happiness I have that this news gave me.  While playing Payday 2, I catch a blurp in some news feeds about the NBC and the word ‘Heroes‘.  Now if there’s anything people close to me know, I loved the NBC show Heroes and have literally wished on some may occasions that they bring this show back.  Well it seems my wishes have not fallen on deaf ears and the show will return for a 13 episode mini-series on NBC.

There aren’t any details known at this time about the show itself.  What characters will return?  Will it is a be a new ‘universe’ of heroes?  Will it be a recasting of the original series and the story retold?  Will it continue from the end of the last season? Will Tim Kring, creator of the original Heroes saga, return to have part in the rebirth?  Hayden Panettiere, otherwise known as Claire Bennet, enjoys a spot on ABC’s NashvilleMasi Oka, who portrayed Hiro on the original series, has enjoyed many small roles in movies and television all over.  And Zachery Quinto, also know as Sylar in the Heroes universe, has probably enjoyed the most success overall with his appearance as Spock in the super successful JJ Abrams Star Trek rebirth, appearances on FOX’s American Horror Story, and now to the agent in the next installment of the Hitman video game to movie franchise.  So many questions out there, but regardless of the lack of answers right now, this is purely exciting.

I certainly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw, then immediately researched it and sure enough…its real!  The return of this show has been rumored a number of times where the latest rumor came last year just before E3 that Microsoft was looking to get a partnership going with NBC studios for exclusive television content where Heroes was to be one of those shows.  It certainly makes one wonder if this where this content is going since the method of release for the show is not yet know, it may be a direct to Xbox One content.


During the original series run, NBC would produce some web episodes that followed a tiny cast of characters.  Nothing overwhelming important to the story but still relevant to parts of the series itself.  With the success of House of Cards, its entirely possible that the 13 episode mini-series could be fully released onto the NBC website for direct viewing for people to binge watch.  It’s also important to note that due to the success of the comic television show these days such Arrow, Agents of SH.I.E.L.D and now the new Gotham series coming aboard, that this may be NBC’s hat toss into the ring in order to try to get a piece of the action back.  The FOX Network has for some time now held onto the copyright of the X-Men as well as specific words such ‘mutant’ that cannot be referenced to by a hero related televisi0n show, that it has prevented the existence of a number of possible superhero television shows.

As one of the progenitors of the superhero fascination people have come to love these days, NBC has a solid story base for themselves.  While other networks have just altered or change the comic history with the production of superheroes already known from comic book history, NBC has an original gem here that they can cultivate with this if done right.  A Writer’s Guild strike hurt the original show badly (cutting the second season almost by half), then tried to save itself when the writers were rehired, but by that time the damage was already done and ABC’s Lost reaped the benefits with JJ Abrams at the helm as one of the only popular television shows at that time that was able to retain the majority of its staff during the strike. To be released in 2015, NBC has the chance to resurrect this series and open the floodgates for the return of so many fans of the series.

Heroes is very loosely based off a comic book by the name of Rising Stars, which is definitely worth a read if your interests reside along that type of story arc.  The closest there has been to anything like this show in recent times comes from a UK produced show called Misfits which airs specifically on Hulu Plus.  Going on its 5th season at the moment, it certainly has a rather strong following outside of the United States and it has the added benefit of having much more graphic and crude content with its contract with Hulu.  It’s not an easy series to get into as there is a lot of developed done for the characters in the first two seasons, but if Heroes was a show you loved, this show would be able to appease your superhero television show pallet, if you have Hulu Plus that is.

Regardless of what you might have done during Heroes lack of presence there of, if you’re as excited about this news as I am, we are at the edge of our seats waiting to know all the juicy details of this rebirth.

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  1. I cannot wait for this, that show ended wayyyy too early. Now if someone can get The 4400 up and running again I’d be really happy.