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Review: Resogun

There is something of an 80’s feel to Resogun, Sony’s welcome gift to PS4 buyers with a PlayStation premium accounts. The blast ‘em up brings back a well loved genre from the days when the Nintendo Entertainment System was the king of the consoles but with a much needed modern day make over.

Resogun is by no means a throwback though, this is in fact a must-play PS4 exclusive. Unfortunately it has likely been ignored by the masses, well let’s be honest, most of you are playing Battlefield 4, Call Of Duty: Ghosts or Killzone: Shadow Fall. Trust me though, this one is worth your time.

Developer: Housemarque
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Reviewed on: Playstation 4
Also Available On: PS4 Exclusive
Release Date: Out Now

Save the last humans

There’s no time for a deep and meaningful story in this game. You’re here to save the last humans by destroying vast alien armies with your spacecraft’s energy beams as you orbit left and right around futuristic structures, and that’s as much scene-setting as you can expect so lets move on.

You have three ships to choose from, all well equipped for all your destructive needs. They’re all fast, capable of turning at speeds and would shred the Millennium Falcon to pieces, and they have the fire power for any bad guy alien.


Alongside the blasting, your main objective is to try and rescue 10 humans on each level. To free them you must kill special, green-glowing aliens called Keepers. Fail to wipe them out before they escape and a human dies. Succeed and then you have to find and haul the freed human to the safety of awaiting escape pods before the aliens kill them. This added race-against-the-clock element turns the game from a good old fashioned blaster into something with purpose requiring skill.

Modern beauty on classic gameplay

Although on the surface the visuals might not impress everyone, you’re not going to see the same realism you’ll find in Battlefield 4 for example, but this isn’t a billion dollar multi-platform release, it’s cult classic in the making.

With that said this game does have something special, when in motion the game is something to admire, the game is lightning quick, even when the screen is filled with more bad guys then background. Every alien kill brings a stream of green particles that litter the screen for you to collect, set off a bomb and you’ll see what this game is capable of in terms of visuals. Make no mistake, simple though it is, this is a beauty of a game.


In addition to the over the top, Playstation 4 powered beauty, Resogun also packs a punch with it’s soundtrack. From the bass filled, genre perfect tunes, to the alerts spoken through the DualShock 4’s in-built speaker. The pace and tones of the soundtrack help you immerse in the hectic universe that the game is set in and keep you heart racing throughout.

Full of potential but short of content

The only downside I can find with this game, there’s not enough of it. It’s the Speedy Gonzalez of current generation gaming, very short but extremely fast paced, you never really have the time to appreciate the game.

There are only five levels in Resogun so it doesn’t take long to see all that it has to offer, but the draw of a game like this is the on-going challenge of mastering its deceptively deep mechanics and striving for boast-worthy high scores, which, through the power of console social media, are shared automatically with your other Playstation 4 friends.


Mulltiplayer is included in the form of online coop mode but sadly there is nothing more competitive then high score comparison as of yet.  Though nothing has been released regarding DLCs and extensions the latest rumors suggest a 3D update is on the way soon so keep your eye peeled for that one if you have a 3D TV (and possible some strong painkillers on standby).

Blaster with a brain

Resogun might draw on arcade gaming traditions long since left in the past but it’s also setting it’s own standard. The non-stop action, clever mechanics, epic visuals and race against time gameplay make this a must have for any PS4 owner. 

Add to that the fact that for the last two months it has been a freebie on PS plus there’s no reason why every ps4 owner shouldn’t be getting in on the action.

This one deserves your time.



The Good

  • Visually Pleasing
  • 80’s Nostalgia for older gamers
  • It’s a true challenge


The Bad

  • With only five levels this game is way too short
  • Lack of competitive multiplayer


For a look at some of the gameplay, check out the video version of this review:


The review copy of this title was purchased by the author

Official site link
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