Owning a Playstation 4: It Really is all About the Games

As of right now, January 2014, Owning a PlayStation 4 is rather odd. It’s like wanting to hang out with your best mate but having nothing to do. I want to play on it, I mean its the PS4, the ultimate console experience! My first time playing with the PS4 was on Christmas morning, yes as most of the Gold Coast headed out to the beach or the pool for some festive fun I spent my morning playing on Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, the amazement of the open world and the draw distance and that AC was finally fun again after Assassin’s Creed III restrained approach. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed my Christmas with the family and all that.

But then, after a respectful 30 hours and near 80% completion I now don’t have anything to do really with it. I look on the back of the promo box and see advertisements for Infamous: Second Son, now set for release in March.  Sure, we know the new Uncharted is coming and Sony has all sixteen companies it owns making exclusive PlayStation titles but until then my brand new console is stuck collecting dust and I’m thinking about booting up the PlayStation 3 for another trip to Rapture. This is really the first time I’ve went through a new console transition as a “gamer”. PlayStation 2 was a toy to my younger self – where I played all sorts of licensed video games and never really completing them. That was until late 2006 when I stumbled across God of War and something in my head went “Oh this is a proper game” you know the moment when you realise games don’t grow on trees and there is a talented created team behind all of them.

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag PlayStation 4

So I got a PlayStation 3 in 2007 and had my first console cycle, now looking at the left of me and seeing some of the best PS3 games beside my desk and realising they are last generation is still odd, that chapter of my gaming life is now over. Some of these games I relate to certain moments in my life. Running around Renaissance Italy As Ezio in Assassin’s Creed II on Christmas day, the soundtrack of that game is one of my favourites. After finishing my GCSE’s I brought Red Dead Redemption during a heatwave in the UK and well it was the perfect experience, I truly lost myself in the old west for the next two weeks. All these gameplay experiences and moments are what defines gaming.

I have to also mention one of the best gameplay experiences I have had in years. The Last of Us couldn’t have been a better send off to a console. (ignoring Beyond: Two Souls) A defining moment on what games can accomplish, With believable characters that are already cemented as fan favourites. It goes without saying it was my personal Game of the Year, the 2012 classic Journey is a game while beautiful and touching was also simple, to the point where people who didn’t play games could pick it up and experience it, which is fantastic. The Last of Us is a game everyone who loves story telling of any kind needs to experience. I cannot wait for what Naughty Dog does next beside Uncharted.


It was easy and exciting to get up in console war last year, that E3 moment when Sony dropped the bomb was something to be remembered, but after all the hype and excitement we don’t really have much right now. Of course games are coming, and in a year or two when the consoles hit their strides and some future classic games are released all will be fine again. With Watch Dogs delayed and Infamous: Second Son in March seems like once again the first year to a console’s life is a slow one. Of course I’m pleased to have a PlayStation 4, but if your on the fence about getting a next gen console I recommend you wait a while and look back on the last gen games you may have missed, they’ll be cheaper now.

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Steven, born in England and recently moved to Australia is studying Film and Media Studies at Uni. Always enjoying a good chat about video games writing for TPoW.