Reel Big Flix 02: Die Hard

Welcome to the latest instalment of Reel Big Flix, a Podcast show all about movies and the cinefiles that watch them. Your hosts Ross, Richee & Layla are this month joined by fellow TPoW’er Dave (Ring the Bell) and Ready Player 2‘s very own Rich, as they talk you though the trilogy that is DIE HARD! “But wait, aren’t there five Die Hard films now?” I hear you ask. Well fear not, they will be discussed also (Just not in such glowing terms by most).

So sit back take your shoes and socks off, make fists with your feet and enjoy Reel Big Flix’s Die Harder with a Vengence!



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Intro ‘No Second Chances’ by Jason Livesay is property of Freeplay music. ‘Feature Presentation’ taken form YouTube


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