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Review: Rayman Fiesta Run

Everybody’s favourite limbless hero Rayman is back and this time in a simpler, side scrolling adventure for mobile devices. But is this a dumbed down version of the fantastic Rayman Legends, or an impressive handheld game in it’s own right?

Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier
Publisher: Ubisoft
Reviewed on: iOS
Also Available On: Android/Windows 8
Release Date: Out Now

The very basic gameplay of Rayman Fiesta Run is mastering the timing of jumps. You touch the screen to begin a level and Rayman runs automatically, with you controlling when he jumps. You must avoid falls, traps enemies and other such obstacles in order to reach your goal at the end of a level. It isn’t long before you unlock various abilities, all somehow helpful for getting through the later levels. The attack button is perhaps the most useful, especially when going back to try and finish the games “invaded” levels.  An invaded level is unlocked by collecting all of the Lums (80-100) in any level and these are essentially a much more difficult version of the completed level, in which you must avoid and defeat enemies whilst still on the move, greatly increasing the difficulty for those die hard platformer fans.

<pcenter;”>Rayman Fiesta Run 1

But why doesn’t this formula quickly go stale? Waiting for the right moment to tap the screen to jump or punch your way to the end of a level sounds like it could get old quick. Thankfully, the pick up and play nature of the game combined with the short, beautifully designed levels makes it anything but that, and that’s exactly what you want in a mobile game.

A final gameplay point to talk about are the power ups. These add a new layer to the game, with things such as a guide which shows you exactly where to jump, to help you collect all Lums in a level. This and the ability to take an extra hit from enemies definitely can help tougher levels but also adds more to the game and a use for all the Lums you’ve collected.

Rayman Fiesta Run 2

This game shines both graphically and from an audio standpoint. The almost hand drawn looking visuals are flawless, with bright, vibrant levels coming in a variety of different themes, my personal favourite being the “hot” level, complete with sausages to jump off of. It’s a cartoon like humour that appeals to children, but I couldn’t help smile at a few different points in the game. Honestly though, this game looks almost as good as it’s console counterpart, so kudos to Ubisoft for making such an originally designed and colourful game.

Going hand in hand with the games graphics are it’s music and sound effects, all which match the cartoon like atmosphere. Expect to hear bongo drums, flutes and ukuleles depending on the type of level you’re currently playing. Even the main menu theme music and level select tunes are catchy and light-hearted and an almost perfect way to compliment Fiesta Run‘s graphics.[tabgroup][tab title=”The Good“]Looks and sounds beautiful
Simple yet rewarding
Incentive to go back and perfect levels

[/tab][tab title=”The Bad“]Some levels can go beyond challenging


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Aspiring writer, amateur drummer and miraculously a final year Computer Games Design student at the University of Huddersfield.