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A Walking Dead Discussion: The Laws of the Zombie

Marathons of television series have really become the norm for many people with the creation of the DVR boxes all over the world, which has been the source and means of how I have watched the AMC television Series The Walking Dead.  I don’t like to give away spoilers really for those that have not watched the series and are interested about it, so I will try for the most part refrain from giving away plot points in this article, but the approach of this discussion comes from my overwhelming notion in trying to understand how the zombies behave.  And as my previous article with this, I approach this without ideas and theories of zombies from outside sources other than the show itself.  This is what I observe from the show and how the zombies behave and are possibly created.

The Walking Dead 2

In my latest TV binge, I have completed Season 3 of The Walking Dead and have also caught up to the most current episodes of season 4, and a number of my questions have been answered from my previous post.  Here is my list of observations regarding the zombies of the show:

  1. One does not need to be bit or scratched in order to become a zombie.  When you die, you will turn regardless of your method of death.
  2. Zombies rely on the senses of sound, smell, and sight, but it is the exposure of fresh blood that attracts them the strongest.  The fresher the blood, the stronger the urge to consume it.  The exposure of fresh blood is so strong that if a zombie is already consuming a person that has just fallen, the smell of a cut releasing new blood will attract the zombie leaving the person it was consuming.
  3. Sound is the primary means of detection for a zombie.
  4. A zombie will follow other zombies.
  5. Zombies feel no pain.
  6. Zombies do tire, but they only get slower; they do not die from lack of consumption.  A zombie’s stamina is based on the rate of consumption of blood.
  7. The bite of a zombie infects its victim which accelerates the time of ‘turning’.  Like the Komodo Dragon, the bite of a zombie is poisonous.
  8. A zombie does not necessarily ‘see’, but sense the feeling of light upon them.  Even a zombie without eyes can sense passing of light such as from a flashlight.

The Walking Dead 3

So these are the ‘rules’ as I have come to experience with this show.  It really interests me how shows and movies like this depict these monsters because I’m always watchful for when they bend or break their own laws.  It could be said that these zombies ‘evolve’ in a way, kind of like they did in the movie Land of the Dead.  But if you have ever read the comic book, zombies don’t really change and focus on the human factor of the characters throwing mass numbers of zombies at the living.  If you’ve seen the newest episode of the show, you’ll know exactly what I mean by that.  Which does make question why not one character took one of the abandon tanks they have passed on countless moments.  Granted a tank is a lot more noisier than a car or a truck even, but it certainly would get the job done a lot better to get through a crowd of them.  I suppose that argument can be cast aside with the simple idea of how many of these characters have ever had any military experience, but I don’t think that would stop me from trying to drive one.  Speaking of the military though, it seems that the military is always depicted as the most incompetent organization.  Now the military doesn’t appear in the show all that much.  The characters are kept fairly secluded and that adds to the ‘hopelessness’ of the show by placing the characters in a situation where it really doesn’t appear as there is any kind of rescue or concentrated attack effort on zombies.  But in just the first season, the military shown in flashbacks just seem to stand there and shoot.  It’s understandable that showing the military overrun is necessary to show the extremities of the zombies in vast numbers, but I can’t believe that the military in most countries would be that naïve (or idiotic).

The Walking Dead 1

This little rant of mine will continue as the show goes along.  I’m not necessarily trying to catch the show in a ‘gotcha’ moment, because the show is certainly good that I want them to maintain this level of consistency.  Story changes are fine.  Characters will come and go for different reasons.  They go crazy, they don’t want to believe what is happening, they go rogue, they need to find something; that’s all well and good.  The reason for their behavior should stay consistent so the show continues on with its emotional value in its pursuit of hope of surviving this horror.

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