Ring the Bell Predictions: WWE Battleground

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Tonight sees the debut of Battleground, a new addition to the WWE pay-per-view schedule. With ratings on the decline, and a less-than-stellar SummerSlam buyrate and a poor public opinion of Night of Champions, there is increased pressure on WWE to present a newsworthy and quality show.

Our Pro-Wrestling enthusiasts over at the Ring the Bell Podcast guys have come together once more to use their vast wrestling knowledge and experience to correctly guess the outcomes of tonight’s matches.

So check out our predictions below and be sure to keep your eyes on the Ring the Bell Podcast page for future episodes:



Pay-Per-View Kickoff – Dolph Ziggler Vs Damien Sandow

  • Chris: Damien Sandow
  • Andrew: Dolph Ziggler
  • Ross: Damien Sandow
  • David: Dolph Ziggler



Divas Championship – AJ Lee Vs Brie Bella

  • Chris: AJ Lee
  • Andrew: AJ Lee
  • Ross: AJ Lee
  • David: AJ Lee



Kofi Kingston Vs Bray Wyatt

  • Chris: Bray Wyatt
  • Andrew: Bray Wyatt
  • Ross: Kofi Kingston
  • David: Bray Wyatt



Intercontinental Championship – Curtis Axel Vs R Truth

  • Chris: Curtis Axel
  • Andrew: Curtis Axel
  • Ross: Curtis Axel
  • David: R Truth



World Heavyweight Championship – Alberto Del Rio Vs Rob Van Dam

  • Chris: Rob Van Dam
  • Andrew: Rob Van Dam – Damien Sandow cashes in after the match
  • Ross: Alberto Del Rio
  • David: Rob Van Dam



CM Punk Vs Ryback

  • Chris: Ryback
  • Andrew: CM Punk
  • Ross: Ryback
  • David: Ryback



The Shield Vs Cody Rhodes & Goldust

  • Chris: Cody Rhodes & Goldust
  • Andrew: Cody Rhodes & Goldust
  • Ross: Cody Rhodes & Goldust
  • David: Cody Rhodes & Goldust


Night of Champions Card Orton Bryan

WWE Championship –  Randy Orton Vs Daniel Bryan

  • Chris: Randy Orton
  • Andrew: Randy Orton
  • Ross: Randy Orton
  • David: Randy Orton



Source: WWE


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