The Samsung Gear: A lot of Flash for too much Cash

Samsung released their highly awaited Samsung Note 3 this October that really didn’t improve on much from its predecessor, but was still welcomed as much as Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C.  But along with the Samsung Note 3, there was the additional release of the Samsung Smart Watch, which if you haven’t seen the commercial ads for the device, definitely make it enticing and alluring, and going without saying….caught my attention very much so.  But the Smart Watch, while fancy in design, leaves a lot of my hopes in wanting once I got my hands on the device.

First, the device is not a self contained phone as I thought it would be.  It’s a Bluetooth device, much like some other Bluetooth watches that sync to smartphones already, but its much more flashy.  A second point to interject here is that the Smart Watch is only compatible with the Samsung Note 3 at the moment with additional support to the Samsung Galaxy S4 projected in the future but has yet to be determined even with an estimated time.   A third point which really did let me down which kind of gave me the impression of what it would do from the ads, it does not answer phone calls.  Instead it just alerts you when you are getting a call where you must use the phone itself to answer calls with.  It does alert you with text messages as well, but the same function stands where you must use the Samsung Note 3 to return a message.  From the ads, I had the impression I would be able to use the watch as a speakerphone and talk into the watch without having to dig into my pocket.  Or for the very least I would imagine it would let me answer it and I can pick up the conversation on a Bluetooth headset I may have on, but alas….it doesn’t do that either.  Another function that was lost to me because of the lack of the speaker on the watch itself was the ability of voice to text with the watch.  I thought I would be able speak into it to return a text message with a voice to text option, but again… no it doesn’t do that either as well.

Samsung Watch 1

It naturally has a beautiful display as Samsung is well known for and it has a number or select applications that can be placed on the watch and managed directly.  Applications such as a calculator, a calendar, a pedometer as well as having control of music played but the music played comes from the linked device, not the watch itself.  The watch itself fits on very well and is comfortable on the wrist though it does have a noticeable amount of weight to it.  The part that does rest on the wrist does have a slight hard edge curve to it, so if you are rather ‘large’ in size, it may not fit as nicely as it would others.  The final wrinkle in this beautiful piece of technology is the price tag to the device which is $299.99 on all supported carriers.  So not only do you have to buy the watch for $299.99 but then you also have to buy a compatible phone, of which is only the Samsung Note 3 as mentioned previously, for another $299.99 on all supported carriers making it basically a $600.00 price tag.

I have no doubt that it is just one step among many for Samsung in its perfection of the device, but with such limited support on devices that is can linked to, minimal functionality with applications it can use, and the hefty price tag, the only people I can see buy this product are people with money to burn.  It’s nice, trendy, and perhaps a cool conversation starter, but that doesn’t warrant to me spending $600.00 on something with so little features.

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