John Cena Update

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John Cena is to return to action at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

The former WWE champion’s return was announced during last night’s episode of Raw, with Cena set to face World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio on the card. The match was announced as being for Del Rio’s World Championship.

Cena underwent surgery for a torn tricep in August, with 4-6 months out the original diagnosis, with Royal Rumble in January as an estimated return date. However, as has happened with Cena in the past, it is possible that recovery has come ahead of schedule.

With ratings and buyrates, as well as live attendance, being down recently, WWE will be very happy that their biggest star is set to return.

If this editor can be allowed to write for just a moment or so more, it is staggering that WWE would choose to announce Cena’s return in the half-assed way that they did, with Vickie Guerrero breaking the news during a Del Rio-Ricardo Rodriguez match, and also given the fact that there is no storyline reason for Cena to come back and face Del Rio, let alone for the championship.


It is also interesting to note that if this news is indeed legitimate and Cena is returning in three weeks at Hell in a Cell, he is being paired with the lesser-viewed World Championship, and kept away from the WWE Championship that is currently the centrepiece of the featured Triple H/McMahons angle.


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