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A ‘Walking Dead’ Discussion: Zombie Science – Understanding the Zombie

So in the search for a new show after Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead has risen (no pun intended) as a halfway decent candidate. I’m up to the 6th episode of the second season, and honestly I’m more fascinated by the zombies than the characters themselves, but I’m really confused. So perhaps those that have been watching the series longer than I have can shed some light on the ‘science’ of zombies for me.

I’m dismissing all other zombie movies and titles from this debate as I’m only going off of what this show has given me as a premise.  So I present this without the ideologies about zombies from other places like Night of the Living Dead, Return of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, FredZombieland, Warm Bodies and other such places. This is simply on what The Walking Dead has presented me thus far.

Walking Dead Zombies 2

What attracts zombies? From the first episode, it seems light and sound attract them. But in another episode later, it seems smell attracts them as 2 of the characters  (Rick and Glen) rubbed zombie entrails all over themselves to ‘cover their scent’, where they then just pretended to be dead and they got by the majority of zombies until it started to rain and then the zombies went after them because they could ‘smell’ them. So if smell is something that gives the living away, why didn’t they get eaten up in the beginning of the 2nd season when they were hiding under the cars? They were sweating like pigs in 100 degree heat which I would assume the zombies would be able to detect. So do zombies have to see you first before they can smell you?
Next, why don’t zombies eat other zombies? It would kind of make sense that when a zombie ‘falls’ that another zombie would want to eat that zombie because there’s blood in that zombie. My understanding is that zombies don’t have any drive but to feed.  So what does it matter if its living person or a zombie? Are zombies just really picky eaters?  If the zombie was dried up without any real blood in it, I could understand a zombie not eating another zombie.  And going with being picky eaters idea, why do animals seem to be immune, not just becoming zombies, but it seems like dogs, cats, deer, birds and other such animals can just go prancing along and the zombies don’t even care?  The only animal they seemed to have issues with was a horse that the main character (Rick) used and they pulled it down and ate it.  Do zombies just hate horses?  I really liked that horse too and I was rather bummed when they took it down.

Walking Dead Zombies 1

Another question regarding this show is, what makes a person become a zombie? From the first episode, the black dude’s wife (his character name Morgan) was bit and she came down with a fever where she ended up turning.  When they got to the CDC, the guy there told them that someone can turn in a matter or minutes or can take up to 12 hours, that is after they died after having been bit. But in an episode in the 2nd season, they come across a campground where some dude decided to hang himself but he also turned. But if he killed himself before he was bit, so why would he be a zombie?  Is the idea that the ‘infection’ is airborne, and it doesn’t matter now you’ll die, you’ll just eventually become a zombie?  And going with that, can a zombie die if it doesn’t feed?  The guy in the tree that was a zombie never fed on a human at all because he was stuck in the tree but he was still kicking and screaming. Would this mean that the only way for a zombie to ‘die’ would be a heavy blow to the head?  Do zombies just live forever otherwise?

I know this seems to be a ridiculous topic, but I kind of want to like show as there isn’t much else to watch. Already tried Boardwalk Empire, and that just isn’t working out, and Doctor Who just isn’t my cup of tea (no pun intended). Thanks to any of you that helps me try to figure this nonsense out. I’m going to press on with the show just because this really intrigues me, and I should probably put some attention to the comic book for some more ‘insider’ information on what makes a zombie a zombie. but the show seems so riddled with plot holes that it perplexes me as to how people really enjoy this show, rather than get frustrated with it as I seem to be.


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