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DC Universe Online Sons of Trigon DLC is Out Now

Sony Online Entertainment has unleashed the latest content pack for DC Universe Online called, Sons of Trigon.

You can grab the new DLC pack now for both the PC and PlayStation 3 for $9.99, however if you’re a Legendary member then you can nab it for free.

Sons of Trigon adds the Celestial power tree, Donna Troy and Cheetah in Legends PvP, and high-level Duo, Alert and solo adventures as Wonder Woman and Circe battle to defeat Trigon.

DC Universe Online is one of the many free to play MMOs around today but has a couple of things that sway it’s favour, like the fact that’s is actually still fun, even when you’re playing a free version. Another big plus is that it’s an MMO with the Gad Damn Batman!

If you’ve not played DCU and fancy giving it ago, then why not download it for free on either the PC or PlayStation 3.


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