Samsung unveil Galaxy Gear smartwatch


Samsung have revealed their new smartwatch accessory; the Galaxy Gear.

However, before you start collecting up those pennies to go a buy one, make sure you have the latest Samsung tech first, as the watch will initially only work with the company’s newly-announced Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and the 2014 edition of the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.

Planning on owning one or both of those? Good, then I’ll continue.

The watch allows the wearer to make calls – through voice control, of course – and also comes with two microphones for noise cancelllation, as well as a speaker in the strap’s clasp. It was also explained how to answer a call; you just raise your arm to your face and start talking. Simple.

The watch will weigh 73.8g, and come complete with a 1.63-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen, which will give you notifications and the ability to use apps, and there are 70 of those available. A camera is also included, boasting a 1.9MP resolution located on the strap, which you can also use to record video in Full HD. The camera also uses augmented reality and can be used for photos and video, and also, should you need to, point it at foreign road signs for virtually-immediate translation. Okay, that’s kinda cool.





You’ll notice in the image above the choice of colours for the new device, with Wild Orange, Jet Black, Mocha Gray, Oatmeal Beige, Rose Gold and Lime Green available.  Unfortunately they are not interchangeable, so you’ll need to pick a colour upon purchase and stick with it. Regarding the limited connectivity options mentioned at the beginning, the watch will connect with the Note 3 and Note 10.1 using a combination of Bluetooth and a dedicated app. Other devices will be support later, with a software update being required. Other compatible models have not yet been identified.

As for what’s inside the tiny device, the battery is a 315mAh cell which can be recharged using a microUSB charge and charging cradle combination. Samsung say that a full battery will provide “more than a day’s use” from a single full charge. So remember, plug your watch in at night.

There will also be 4GB of internal storage available.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear has a release date of September 25 in over 100 countries, with more to come the following month, and will retail at “around $300”. A UK price has not yet been revealed.



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