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Forza 5 Offered Free with Xbox One ‘Day One’ Pre-orders


Ordering an Xbox One ‘Day One’ edition but don’t really fancy playing FIFA 14? Then fear not for now Microsoft have decided to offer another free title bundled with the next-gen console.

Anyone pre-ordering the Xbox One Day One in the UK will now have to option to grab a copy of the super shiny looking Forza 5. unlike the FIFA 14/Xbox One bundles the Forza Motorsport 5: Day One Edition will come bundled with a physical copy of the title rather than a downloadable version.

Xbox One Forza Bundle

The new bundle is offer by participating retailers GAME, Amazon UK and Shopto.

GAME have also stated that if you’ve already re-ordered the FIFA 14 edition of the Xbox One, then you are welcome to switch your order to a Forza 5 version is you’ve made the order in store.

Xbox One will be release on the 22nd November in 13 countries including the UK and US.

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