FF14: A Realm Reborn Trials Extended Following Server Issues

Final Fantasy XVI A Relm Reborn Header

At this point you really have to respect the effort from Square Enix in not trying to disappoint their fans when it comes to Final Fantasy XVI. After shutting down and rebooting their MMO completely before relaunching it as A Realm Reborn, now another issue has been plaguing the people of Eorzea and this time it’s in the form of server issues. Help is on hand though as Square Enix, riding in gallantly upon their Chocobo is dishing out extended trail access to those poor souls affected.

As reported in Polygon, trials will be extended by one full week as a gesture of goodwill. Players who have not activated their free trial code yet will also be eligible for an extra seven days if they register before the 9th September

The Square Enix team will be performing server maintenance between the 3rd September at 17:00 PST to the 4th September at 03:00 PST to add more worlds that should hopefully reduce the server strain of high player numbers.


A statement on the game’s site reads:

“Since the beginning of official service on August 27, 2013, the number of users attempting to access the game has significantly exceeded our initial estimates. While we are pleased to see support for the game reach far beyond our expectations, the servers were not prepared to handle this influx of players.

“As a result, our servers have been pushed beyond maximum capacity. In order to allow access to as many users as possible, we have implemented login and character creation restrictions. We understand, however, that these restrictions have greatly inconvenienced our players.”


Have you been effected by the server issues whilst playing Final Fantasy XVI: A Realm Reborn and do you feel that 7 days free is a valid substitute? Let us know below.


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