Dead Rising 3′s Co-op Character & First Psycho

When Dead Rising 3 drops on the Xbox One players will have the opportunity to team up when braving the Los Perdidos streets.

Thanks to a report by Financial Post, we’ve learnt that co-op in DR3 will bring a new character to join Nick Ramos in the form of Dick, who despite the slimier name will not be a palette swap of the protagonist.

Player two option Dick is a truck driver who acts as something of a comic relief when compared to the heroic stance taken by Nick.

Co-op play will feature a drop-in/drop-out system and will allow players to grab their friends for the two player missions, which when successfully finished will show as completed in both saves.

It has also been suggested that cooperative players can be apart from each other when playing the game’s campaign and will separate for a “significant” distance, whilst still in fact be tethered together in some way.

Producer Mike Jones has also confirmed that each of the game’s Psychopaths are based on the seven deadly sins of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride.

In this instance, Greed is a smoking surgeon who you can get a look at below along with the newly announced Dick:


Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox one exclusive and is set to release at some point after launch.

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