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Breaking Bad Recap: Episode 16 “Felina”

I’m not going with the traditional recap. If you’re a fan, you saw it. I’m just here to give you my thoughts on what my very well go down in history as one of the greatest finales to the best show we will see, probably in our lifetime.

Creator: Vince Gilligan
Staring: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn
Run Time: 53 Minutes
Exhibition: Streaming, TV Broadcast, Netflix, AMC, HD (1080i)

First of all, when I started watching Breaking Bad, it was only out of curiosity. And, maybe boredom. Mostly just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I never expected to fall in love. I cheated myself by not getting on board from the beginning. I only had my love for about a year and a half, whereas a lot of you had it longer. Some of you tried to tell me. If only I’d listened. Well, it’s no matter. I got there in the end and thank God I did.

This finale season was a thrilling ride from start to finish. Just like an actual roller coaster, the highs and loops were all in the middle, and we were allowed to catch our breath at the end, as it slid to a stop. But, now we are off the ride. It’s over. And now we’re wandering around the amusement park looking for something that will give us the same excitement, but we were on the best ride ever! All the other rides pale in comparison. Of course, we can ride it again, and it will be just as much fun. But, it won’t be like the first time. It never is.

Breaking Bad

Vince Gilligan gave us a wonderful gift. He gave us the story of a man we could relate to on many levels. The character of Walter White will live on, as he stands for how far people will go when they are pushed to the breaking point. Of course, not everyone will, ‘break bad’ as he did, but I think that’s why people so vehemently rooted for him. Life kicked him in the balls one to many times, and he started kicking back. I was sold when he yelled at his boss, “F**k you and your eyebrows!” Because, yes! Who hasn’t just wanted to give your job and the confines of society the big middle finger? In some way or another, you can’t say there isn’t a part of you, ever so small, that wanted to see him succeed so you could live vicariously through his descent into crime. Not because you necessarily believe all his actions were justified, but the fact that he took back the control he’d lost in his life, and for good or bad, started doing things his way. I can just hear Frank Sinatra. Because in the end, Walter White/Heisenberg called the shots and it was satisfying to see it conclude on his terms.

As he said in the beginning, while trying to start that snow covered Volvo, “Just get me home. I’ll do the rest”

I wasn’t sad he died in the end. I don’t think he was either. He was going to die. The cancer would have taken care of that. But, he died in a lab he designed. Other than his family, this was the love of his life. Like the song that played as he was having one last look at the lab, it was his, “Baby Blue” For better or for worse. Even though in the end, he got what he deserved, it made him feel alive, as he told Skylar, when finally giving her the truth. He loved it. His intentions started out being about making sure his family would be taken care of, and while it might not have gone exactly how he intended, he still created something that made him a legend. He wanted to build an empire. And he did.

As for Jesse, while he was not left with an easy life ahead, what with seeing both of his loves dying, having the shit literally beat out of him and made to live like a dog at the hands of Uncle Jack and Todd. But, he is finally free. He has a chance at redemption. I hope he gets it. I can’t say I didn’t get a kick out of watching him choke the life out of Todd. His maniacal laughter as he sped away, his only way of emotional release. I do think in a way, Walter did not intend to save him, but when they brought Jesse in, and Walter saw how completely beat down he was, the part of him that still had a fondness for Jesse, thought better of it, and he had a change of heart, thus releasing him, and giving him the chance to survive. When they nod, before Jesse leaves, they made their peace with each other.

Breaking Bad

Skylar, Flynn, Holly and Marie will be alright. Now that Walter has given Skylar the means to find Hank and Gomez and make a deal to get her cleared. Gretchen and Elliott will give Flynn the money. If they don’t “The two best Hitmen this side of the Mississippi will be after them.” (I have to say that was the most pleasant surprise of the evening, Badger and Skinny Pete giving us their refreshing blend of comic relief) And, having it come from the Schwartz’s will lessen the blow, and allow them to finally live as Walt had originally intended.

Whether or not Lydia will live or die, is implied, but if she makes it to the hospital in time, she has a slight chance of survival, but this will take her out of the game, and may very well implicate her, as she will have a tough time explaining how she just so happened to get poisoned by Ricin. It’s no easy to come by. Whether or not that will tie her to Walt, I seriously doubt, but if she were to survive, I see a very low profile in her future.

Uncle Jack and associates also got what they deserved with a cleverly rigged machine gun in the trunk of Walt’s car. I also appreciated how, when Jack was trying to bargain for life, Walt didn’t let him finish his sentence either.

And Walt now stroking that tank in the meth lab, the same way he was stroking baby Holly when saying his goodbyes to her… They were both his babies.

Breaking Bad

I will miss so much about this show. The multi-layered characters and rich story telling. The edge of my seat excitement brought with every new episode. I’ll miss having this to look forward to. But, I’m not sad I was a part of it. Like the Dr. Seuss quote Vince Gilligan was reminded of, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

And I will smile… not today, but I will.

Thanks for the memories Vince.

Now someone get me to therapy.

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