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Breaking Bad Recap: Episode 15 “Granite State”

I’ve tried several times over the past week to write my usual in depth play by play recap but I can’t, watching it once was hard enough and it may be years before I can go back down that road. So if it’s aright with you all, I’ll just recap the bullet points.

Creator: Vince Gilligan
Staring: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn
Run Time: 53 Minutes
Exhibition: Streaming, TV Broadcast, Netflix, AMC, HD (1080i)

The following is how I know the Breaking Bad finale will destroy me:

We finally meet the vacuum repair guy, who to Saul’s surprise, is actually a vacuum repair guy, and also played with no-nonsense brilliance by Robert Forster. Saul of course, made the call for himself this time as his involvement with the great Heisenberg had him back in a corner. Now he was going to Nebraska. While he was waiting for his travel arrangements he was bunking with Walter, who was still trying to work out how he was going to get the nation’s most wanted man out of the ABQ and into a secure hiding place. In the brief time Saul and Walt were stuck together, Walt was still attempting to orchestrate business dealings, like getting money to his family. He asks Saul to help him put together a team of Hitmen to take down Jack for murdering Hank and stealing a good majority of his life’s work. Saul insinuates that Walt is leaving Skylar and the family high and dry and he should turn himself in because they will still go after her, even after the show he put on with the phone call trying to make her out to be a blameless victim. Saul gives him a quick dose of reality. The money will never get to her, she will lose the house, the car wash, and be left with nothing. Walter still insists he is going to take down Jack & Co, and get his money back for his family. But, he’s going to have to do it without Saul, because he’s on his way to Nebraska, to best case scenario, become a manager of a Cinnabon in Omaha. The fun is over, he tells Walt. Indeed.

Breaking Bad S06E15 1

Marie is escorted back to Casa Schrader by a team of law enforcement, which is a good thing, because it looks like Uncle Jack & Co. have been and ransacked the place looking for the tape Jesse promised. A few agents go in an check out the situation, while Marie is sped away for her protection.

Uncle Jack & Co. take great delight in watching the tape of Jesse’s heartfelt confession. The part where he names Todd as Drew Sharpe’s killer sends Jack into a homicidal rage, storming out with a gun to finally put a bullet in Jesse’s head, but once again, Todd talks him out of it. They need Jesse around to cook. Uncle Jack questions why, they already have 70 million, and then they figure out Todd is motivated by his crush on Lydia. The other guys give him a locker room type ribbing about this, and he plays the bashful boy quite well.

Skylar is in a room with her lawyer and several men, all discussing the situation. The voices are distorted and Skylar is looking catatonic, (and wearing a bland cream colour suit) when one of the man asks if she is even listening, she reiterates in monotone, just like Walter did after he found out he had cancer. She is in terrible trouble and they are going to do everything in their power to take her down if she can’t give up Walter, but she truly doesn’t know where he is. They suggest she rack her brain and come up with something they can use. Later, we see her sitting on the sofa, smoking, looking out the window at the police car waiting to see if Walter shows up. They are doing a fine job of keeping track of the people going in and out, as they don’t see Todd and his boys sneaking into Holly’s nursery. Skylar, hearing her cry, goes to look in and she is immediately grabbed by a man, putting his hand over her mouth. They are surrounding the crib, and asking if her son is there. Once it’s established that she won’t scream the man takes his hand away and they ask if, during her hours of interrogation, she happened to mention that woman who went to visit Walt at the car wash. Skylar promises she hasn’t and they explain due to the respect they have for her husband, they aren’t going to do anything this time, but if something should happen to Lydia, they will have no choice but to come back and she really doesn’t want that.

Todd meets with his crush Lydia. He dresses up like a man who is smitten, whether Lydia acknowledges this or not, all she is there to do is find out whether or not she is being implicated in the Heisenberg investigation. Todd assures her she isn’t, but Lydia doesn’t believe just scaring the life out of Skylar was effective and feels she needs to lay low for a while, telling Todd she is pulling the plug on the whole operation. Todd tells her they have 50 pounds packed and ready and she in turn, wishes him the best of luck, but before she can leave, Todd tells her it’s 92%. This causes Lydia to rethink things, while Todd lovingly removes lint from the back of her suit.

Breaking Bad S06E15 2

Walt is taken all the way to New Hampshire in the empty tank of a propane rig. The vacuum man shows him around a tiny cabin. No phone. No cell phone. No internet. Wood-burning stove. No TV reception, but a DVD player with two copies of “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium”. He has food to last until the vacuum man’s next visit, but he is given firm instructions not to leave, because if he does leave, he will get caught, and thus will end the vacuum man’s involvement or help. As soon as the guy leaves, Walt defiantly tries to make it to the one horse town, the vacuum man promised is 8 miles away. But, even though Walt’s mind is still strong and urging him forward, his body is weak, and the heavy snow doesn’t make for easy walking, so he gives up. For the moment…

Jesse is given ice cream from Todd, much to the dissatisfaction of Uncle Jack, who thinks he’s going to spoil him. Seems like Jesse is more of Todd’s pet than an actual person. After the ice cream, Jesse makes a daring escape by piling blankets on top of the mattress and a bucket on top of that, and using the paper clip he has from Andrea and Brock’s picture to unlock his chains. He makes a run for it, but doesn’t take note of the video camera. He hits a dead end of barbed wire fences, and within minutes, surrounded by Uncle Jack and his men. Jesse demands they go ahead and shoot him because he refuses to cook one more time. In response to this, they go to Andrea’s house in the middle of the night. Todd rings on her door bell, saying he is a friend of Jesse’s. He tells her Jesse is right outside in the car, and when she goes out to get a better look, Todd, offering that it’s nothing personal, and shoots her in the head, while a badly beaten Jesse if forced to watch, helpless. He is sobbing and screaming, and they demand he quiet down reminding him, there is still Brock left.

The vacuum man goes back to visit Walt, in what seems like several months later. He brings him ABQ newspapers, new glasses and gives information about Skylar’s whereabouts. She seems to be in a safe house and working part-time for a taxi service. He explains the former White residence has become a tourist attraction, so in response to neighbour complaints, (probably Carol) the bank put up a fence. He gives Walt a bag of Chemotherapy for his treatment, which Walt does himself. Before the man leaves, Walt, desperate for some human contact, pays him 10,000 dollars to play cards.

Breaking Bad S06E15 3

Walt braves going into town, with a box full of money, looking as if he’s going to ship it to someone. He gets a waitress at a dive bar to pretend to be Aunt Marie and calls Flynn at school. Walter begs Flynn to listen and not hang up. He tries to explain that while he’s done a bunch of really awful things, he did it for the good of the family. Walter asks if Lewis still lives at the same address, and informs him he will be sending a package to Lewis, but it’s really for Flynn, his Mother, and sister. It’s about 100,000 dollars, and it needs to be secret of the police will take it. Walter is breaking down and expression how he wanted to do more, but Flynn is having none of it. He refuses the money and yells that he killed Uncle Hank and they he doesn’t want his money or any further contact. Flynn asks why he is still even alive, and his last words to his father are, “Just die!” Walt makes another call to the DEA, asking for the agent in charge of the Walter White investigation, giving his own name as the contact and then dropping the phone, knowing this will alert them to his location. He sits down at the bar for a drink. The barman flips through the channels on the TV, and he happens upon a Charlie Rose interview with Gretchen and Elliot Schwartz, where they are frantically trying to reduce the fallout from the massive hit their company has taken after it became known publicly they were long ago friends and associates of Walter Whit/Heisenberg. They have a foundation, and have given a 20,000,000 dollar grant to drug rehabilitation in order to clean up their now tarnished image. They are both vehemently denying they knew anything about the meth kingpin he became and they the only involvement he ever had with their company was the name. Schwartz means “black” plus White, gives you Grey. Grey Matters. And that’s all Walter did. Walter watches with seething anger, as it’s also mentioned that his product, the blue meth, is still being found in areas around the South West and as far as Europe. Gretchen is asked if Walter White is still out there, and without a doubt she says, “No.” She can’t say for this Heisenberg, but the “sweet, kind, brilliant, man” she once knew, is gone.

Breaking Bad S06E15 4

Police raid the cabin and the bar, and are now officially on the trail, but Heisenberg is now gone. On his way back to the South West to meet a man about a gun, and retrieve the Ricin.

What’s going to happen next? We only have one more episode to go. This is it guys. This is where it all ends. Who are you rooting for, if anyone? Can Jesse even be saved at this point? Are Gretchen and Elliot now on Walter’s growing s**t list? We will soon find out, and I will soon be back to try and make sense of the outcome. If I am not in therapy.

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