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Breaking Bad Recap: Episode 13 “To’hajiilee”

Three episodes left. Three. The story of Walter White and his alter ego Heisenberg is drawing to a close. Who, if anyone, left standing, remains to be seen. I won’t lie. This episode left me completely traumatized. Never has a television show left me shaking for about half an hour after. Even re-watching it to write this recap, knowing what’s coming, was extremely hard. I’m going to be a wreck by the time it’s all said and done.

Anyway, now that’s out of the way, let’s go ahead and do this recap thing, b***h.

Creator: Vince Gilligan
Staring: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Dean Norris
Run Time: 47 Minutes
Exhibition: Streaming, TV Broadcast, Netflix, AMC, HD (1080i)

We begin with a fresh batch being poured over the camera. As it spreads itself out, Todd, Uncle Jack, Lydia and Uncle Jack’s associate, Kenny,  lean over to watch. Uncle Jack asks how big the batch will be. Todd estimates 50 pounds. Give or take. Uncle Jack removes his mask, and Todd warns him, reminding him what Mr. White said about breathing in the harmful chemicals. Uncle Jack, suggests Todd lets him do his own worrying about what harmful chemicals he should chose to breathe. His main concern is getting this done quickly, so he can go “grab a smoke”. Apparently, Uncle Jack is just a huge fan of respiratory failure. Todd, in a big yellow hazemat suit, goes to run a test of batch quality. Kenny ogles Lydia like she was a piece of sirloin he would love to devour. Lydia looks more than slightly uncomfortable. Todd reports his findings. Batch quality is 76%. Jack congratulates Todd on a job well done, but Lydia wonders why there is no blue color. Uncle Jack acts like he doesn’t know what she is talking about, she reiterates, “The blue color”. “Does it come later, when this hardens?” she asks, hopefully, clearly knowing nothing about the meth cooking process. Uncle Jack thinks the focus should be on the fact they have managed to increase the quality to 76%. She agrees that it’s “marginally improved” and also congratulates Todd, but the blue color is part of the brand. This is an important detail with her buyers all over Europe and it’s what they pay top dollar for. They can let the decrease in purity slide, so long as it’s blue. Uncle Jack and Kenny then take a closer look and force themselves to see something that clearly isn’t there. They ask Todd’s opinion, and he stumbles around trying to please Lydia and Uncle Jack, by saying he can “’kinda” see where, if the light hits it just right, looks greenish/blue. Uncle Jack suggests throwing in some food coloring. Like they do salmon, Kenny notes. Uncle Jack closes the discussion by announcing, “Alright, let’s make money.”

Breaking Bad 2

Lydia is primping in her compact mirror and slides it over slightly to watch Todd walking up behind him. He brings her a cup of tea, sitting it down in front of her, addressing her as Ms. Quayle, to which she reminds him of her first name, “Lydia”, obviously preferring to be addressed as the informal. Todd pulls up a chair and asks if the tea is to her liking. He assures it was made just how she asked. (I chuckle to myself thinking what quality percentage the tea would be)He very eagerly asks if she would like it stronger and he can put another bag in. She assures him it’s fine. As she drinks, he apologizes for the color, admitting for a minute or two, it got just a little too hot in the mixing kettle and he “might have just cooked the color right out of it.” “You burned it, like a cake?” she asks. “Yeah, sort of, I guess.” Todd sheepishly admits. But, quickly offers, he thinks he can fix it and bring up the quality. He’s doing everything straight out of the Mr. White handbook, so it’s got to get better, he asks hopefully. Lydia goes on to tell him, she genuinely appreciates every possible effort, because, Heisenberg set the quality bar way too high and that is what her buyers expect. Todd completely agrees. He leans closer to her, and suggests Uncle Jack could, “smooth things over with them.” If she wants. She passes on his offer, but then goes on to tell Todd how much faith she has in his abilities, “I believe in you.” She promises, but then insists, “Please do make the cook better. It’s very important to me” and informs she has a plane to catch, cutting off the conversation.  As she’s leaving, Todd is holding the tea mug, and traces his thumb around the lip stick print she left behind. Looks like someone has a crush. (Whether this is worth noting or not, but last time Lydia met with Todd at his Uncle was the slaughter of Declan and his men. At that time, she was wearing Louboutin heels, which are known for their very distinct, red sole. This time, she was wearing regular, shoes with no red sole, and no one was viciously murdered. Hmm…) While Todd is watching Lydia drive away, he gets a phone call. The phone call, from Heisenberg saying he has another job for his uncle. (His ringtone is also, “She Blinded Me With Science”) Todd asks if he would like to set up a meeting, Heisenberg agrees. Todd asks if he should give him a heads up, such as which jail, how many targets, etc? Heisenberg replies “Just one target, not currently in jail… Jesse Pinkman.” “You got it” Todd accepts, and hangs up the phone, before taking a sip out of Lydia’s left behind tea.

And it’s title sequence time!

We resume with ASAC Schrader pacing under a freeway overpass. Moments later, he is joined by Gomie, who is surprised to see Hank hasn’t choked the life out of Jesse for ruining their big bust. Gomie wants to know where they go from here? Do they book him? Hank reminds him of what happened to the last rats Heisenberg had taken care of, and Gomie suggests he would be safer with the Marshells than out in the open. Hank informs Gomie, “Kid’s got an idea.” Echoing Hank’s sentiment from the last time Gomie referred to Jesse as, “kid” and asks, “What kid? That kid? Timmy dips**t there? The one that screwed up our sting? Oh I’m all ears.” Hank asks Gomie to at least hear him out. Gomie knocks on the window to the passenger side of Hank’s car where Jesse is cooling his jets, and asks what is this brilliant plan Jesse begins to explain, they need evidence to put him away, but Heisenberg is way too smart to leave anything out there. (You mean, like leaving a book that directly links him to murder victim and fellow meth cook, Gale?) Jesse suggests he knows some evidence “that greedy asshole” would never destroy. Gomie looks to Hank, and Hank finishes the pitch. “His money.” Gomie asks Jesse if he knows where the money is kept, Jesse admits he does not, but just so happens to know someone who might.

Next, we’re back at Casa Schrader, just as Gomie is coming in with a paper sack. Hank is reading through evidence, and Jesse is just hanging out. Hank jumps up to ask Gomie how things went. Gomie says he trailed someone to the dog house and picked him up. Whoever it was had a lot of questions and seemed to be looking for someone himself. Hank asks if he made any calls, and if Gomie got his phone. And Gomie hands the phone over, Hank asks if he’s on ice, and Gomie tells him he’s at a safe house off Rio Bravo. He tells him what guy they have looking after him, and says he didn’t ask any questions they wouldn’t have answers to. Gomie advises Hank if this guy they are holding decides to “lawyer up”, he doesn’t care if Hank is his boss, he’s blowing the lid on the whole operation. Hank firmly believes he won’t, and grabs into the back for what looks like something from a butcher shop. He begins looking around for the best spot on the floor and then dumps what appears to be, maybe a cow’s brains on the floor. As Hank is arranging it just so, pouring the left over blood on the floor, Jesse looks like he might hurl, before Hank instructs him, “You’re up.”

Breaking Bad 4

Cut to a close up of Huell’s profile. We hear a knock on the door, and camera pans back to reveal, Huell sitting on a couch, in a sparely decorated house. A man sitting in a chair, reading the paper, gets up, checks the window, and then answers the door. It’s Hank and Gomie. Hank instructs the man to go outside while they speak with Huell. Hank begins by saying Huell’s full name, before asking Huell if he knows who he is. Huell says nothing, which Hank takes as affirmation that Huell does in fact, know exactly who he is. He pulls a chair to face Huell, thanking him for his patience. Hank reminds him, as Gomie said, he is not under arrest. Huell, then demands, “Why am I here?” Hank begins to explain, they brought him to the safe house for his own protection. Huell wants to know specifics. Hank then continues by saying they both know how dangerous his brother in law can be. Huell again remains silent. “Nice poker face” Hank comments. He further advises Huell to relax, they don’t need to pump him for information because they know all they need anyway, and begins listing a few of Heisenberg’s greatest hits. Hank then tells Huell, they have a wire on Walter’s phone and a call between he and Saul was intercepted. Reminding Huell, that would be the Saul also known as his boss. Hank goes off to give him the details of said call, Walter said he was going to take care of Pinkman, and Huell was next. That’s why Huell is there. Huell doesn’t believe a word of it. Hank, says he can play him the recording to prove it. Hank and Gomie then advise Huell that Kuby is also on the hit list, and wouldn’t you know it, Kuby has already gone missing. Hank advises Huell to believe it or not, but that things aren’t looking good and no matter what, don’t call Saul. Apparently, he sold Huell down the river. Huell still isn’t buying it. Gomie assures him not to take it personally as Goodman is next if he doesn’t do as White says. Hank continues by saying, Goodman held out for about 15 seconds before helping Walt track him down. Hank tells him Goodman put a trace on his phone and as soon as Huell calls, it will alert Walter to his location. “Then it’s just a matter of time before you end up like this.” Hank then shows him a perfectly staged picture of Jesse laying on the floor with what looks to be his brains all over the floor. This hits home for Huell, and swears he didn’t know they were going to kill Jesse. He keeps repeating, “I didn’t know”, clearly shaken by what he believed to be seeing Jesse Pinkman with his brains all over the floor. Hanks tells him to relax, if they thought he knew, he’d be in lock up for being an accessory, instead of in a safe house under their watchful eye. Gomie cuts to the chase and asks Huell to just tell them everything he knows about White, so they can get him before he gets Huell. “Why would he wanna kill me?” Huell then begs to know. Hank explains there is no real reason behind him wanting to kill Huell, other than wanting to tie up loose ends, and might have something to do with White’s involvement with poisoning Brock. Or, Hank goes on, “It’s because you know where his money is.” Huell is quick to point out this is not information he is privy to. Gomie says they heard different, but Huell assures them they heard wrong. Huell, oblivious to the fact he is being set up, gives all the details of how they rented a van, cleared him money out of the storage unit, and filled seven barrels worth of bills and then handed it off to White at Goodman’s and what he did with it from there is anyone’s guess. Hank asks for clarification on “barrels” giving Huell the opportunity to describe in details just the kinds of barrels these guys should be on the lookout for. “Plastic, black, 55 gallon type”. Bought them himself at the Home Depot. He even gives up the location of the place from which they rented the van. He explains Kuby rented it and Mr. White took it back, but not before they were instructed to give it a good washing. Hank wonders why they would wash a rental? Huell offers, it was filthy, like he’d gone off road in it. He also mentions after they cleaned it, Mr. White grabbed a shovel out of the back, handed them the keys, and that is all Huell knows. Hank tries to look as if this doesn’t faze him a bit, and says he and Gomie are going to do everything they can to find, “this son of a b***h” and Huell is free to go, but Hank warns him that it might not be a good idea. Also, he took the battery out of Huell’s phone so he couldn’t be GPS tracked, and advises Huell not put it back in. He is also further instructed not to discuss the case with the agent watching him, less he is distracted the better he can protect. Huell desperately asks how long they will be, Hank says as long as it takes, and they leave Huell with his confusion.

We join Walter at Uncle Jack’s, where he is being further questioned for more details on this new “job” he’s been given. Uncle Jack asks if this is “Rat patrol” Walt seems taken aback by the suggestion, and explains he is not a rat, he just…won’t listen to reason. Uncle Jack doesn’t quite seem to comprehend, Walt goes on to explain, “He’s just angry. He’s not a rat.” It was very important to him, they understand that fact. Uncle Jack agrees. He’s not a rat. But, Uncle Jack isn’t asking for much of a reason. He just wants to know, “how angry”? Preparing himself for what they’re up against. Is he Hulk angry? Or like, “Rambo James Bond badass”? Todd is having a hard time holding back laughter at the suggestion of Jesse Pinkman as a badass. Uncle Jack wonders whether this is something Walter could do for himself. Walt shoots him a glare and informs, “Jesse is like family.” So, no. Walt would not be able to do it himself. But, he wants it to be quick and painless and no fear. “Bullet to the back of the head? Something he doesn’t see coming?” Uncle Jack suggests. Uncle Jack respects that what with all the savages in the world. Walter, clearly uncomfortable discussing the whys and hows Jesse Pinkman will be disposed of, wants to just talk about the money. But, Uncle Jack doesn’t want Walter’s money. He wants Walter to cook for them. Walter scoffs and then looks to Kenny and Todd for affirmation they are all dead serious. He reminds them he is out of the business. Uncle Jack says it would be just a couple of times, to tutor young Todd. Bring the purity and the blue color back up. Walt still flat out refuses. He asks the price per head of the last time Uncle Jack took care of some undesirables, and says he will triple it, but Uncle Jack says that’s just chump change compared to what they will make with the blue stuff. He demands if Walter wants the job done and done right, that’s the price. Walter gives him a, “This guy is unbelievable” glare, and then agrees, “One cook.” But, only after they dispose of Pinkman. They shake to seal the deal. Walter advises time if a serious factor. Uncle Jack offers to “do him tonight if you want. Just tell me where he is.” Walter admits, he doesn’t know, but he’s got an idea of how to flush him out.

Cut to Brock eating Fruit Loops while his mother is rushing around getting his school lunch ready. There is a knock at the door, Andrea goes to answer, and it’s Walter White, you know, Jesse’s friend. Andrea, pauses before remembering who he is. He was just stopping by and wondered if he could have a quick word with her about Jesse. She hesitates, saying she is in a rush getting Brock ready for school, but invites him in. Walter accepts and steps through the door. He greets Brock who doesn’t look thrilled to see Mr. White. He asks how Brock is doing but he doesn’t reply. Andrea urges Brock to speak when spoken to, and he gives a quiet, “I’m good.” They go in the kitchen, where Walter tells her he hasn’t heard from Jesse and he’s worried because he’s using again. Andrea asks if he’s tried to call the police, or maybe his lawyer and gives Saul’s name. Walter explains he and Jesse had an argument, the details of which he won’t bore her with, and he turns to look at Brock, who is still concentrating on his cereal. Andrea offers to call, thinking if he’s mad at Walt, maybe he would respond to her. He agrees that would be a huge help, and he gives her Jesse’s new number. She leaves a message informing Jesse, Walt stopped by and they are all worried and thinking of him and to call back when he gets a chance. Andrea tells Walt he can stay for a few minutes and see if he calls back, but Walter declines and says he will go, having taken up too much of her time. Brock doesn’t seem sad to see Mr. White go. When Walter gets back in his car, he calls Kenny who is in a car down the street, with a big guy who has a very interesting mustache. Kenny asks if they are on. Walter says yes, and that it should be any time now. But, he doesn’t want Andrea or the kid involved or to even know what happened.

Elsewhere, the Hello Kitty phone is beeping. However, instead of Jesse, it’s Hank who gets the message. “Nice try, asshole.” He says, just as Jesse had an episode ago. Hank goes inside his house where Gomie and Jesse are waiting. Gomie asks how it went at the rental place. Hank says it was a dead end. They no longer use GPS on the vans due to a lawsuit. Gomie is ready to call it. Game over. Nowhere to go from here. But, Jesse insists they can’t just give up. Hank asks, “Who said we’re giving up?” Gomie asks for the next trick up his sleeve. Hank explains he was thinking of what Huell said, about the van being dirty and the shovel. Hanks betting good odds that money was buried somewhere. Gomie isn’t sold, he suggests that would be like looking for a pin in a haystack with all the desert surrounding them. And Gomie reminds, there was no GPS on the van. “Yeah, but Walt doesn’t know that.” Hank says, with a tiny smirk.

Breaking Bad 3

Now, we check in at the car wash with Skylar and Flynn/Walt Jr. He is working the register and she is showing him the ropes. She tells him to remember to wish everyone an “A1 Day!” He asks why they have to say that, and she instructs it reinforces the brand. Flynn/Walt Jr. would really rather be somewhere else, but Skylar wants him close. In walks the next customer, who is none other than, “Better Call Saul” himself. In the flesh. Flynn/Walt Jr is starstruck, having seen him on all the commercials.  Skylar and Saul try to act as if they have never encountered each other in real life. Walter hearing Saul say his catchphrase, pops in the door, holding Holly and looking shocked. Saul shots him a look of discomfort and annoyance. Flynn/Walt Jr. is still moon eyed, while Skylar counts back his change from a 50. Flynn/Walt Jr. tells Saul he likes his commercials, and asks what happened to his face. Saul tells him, it’s an occupational hazard. Skylar, rushes the close and forgets to tell him to have an “A1 Day” Flynn/Walt Jr. catches it and says it for her.

Saul is giving instructions to the man cleaning his car, when a very angry Walt approaches him. Walt would like to know what in the hell he’s doing here. Saul is getting the cocaine cleaned out, so he doesn’t have any reason for K9 dogs to come sniffing around. Walt asks if his phone is broken, all 200 of them? Saul tells him Huell’s gone. Walt asks where, Saul says just gone. Vanished. No one has seen or heard from him. Saul asks about Jesse. Walt assures him he will turn up, and suggests he is high somewhere and hasn’t gotten Andrea’s message yet. Or, Saul suggests, he saw right through it and knew it was a set up. As Walt and Saul are talking, Skylar is watching from the window, as Walter seems to be looking under Saul’s jacket.

Walter asks if he is wearing a bullet proof vest. Saul, clearly on high alert, has lost a bodyguard and there is a drugged up junkie running around who is very angry with him, and he had Huell watching one of the crack houses, and then nothing. He’s convinced Jesse got him. Walt assures him Jesse is not on a killing spree. Walt is the only one he wants.

Walter goes back to the front, where Flynn/Walt Jr. is flying solo at the register. Skylar asks if there is any news, but Walter tells her not just yet. Skylar goes back to training Flynn/Walt Jr. while Walt takes a good long, suspicious look out the window. He then watches his wife teaching his son about inventory, when his phone beeps. He flips it open to reveal a picture of a barrel full of money, looking to have just been freshly dug up. He stares for a moment, when the phone rings, it’s Jesse. “Got my photo, b***h?.” Jesse asks. “That barrel look familiar, cause I just found six more exactly like it.” Walt breaks into an instant run out the door, saying nothing to a concerned Skylar as he sprints past.

As Walter is speeding to the location of his money, Jesse is explaining how Huell got the business end of a pistol, until he gave up all he knew, leading him to the rental van, which Jesse lies and said had GPS. Jesse taunts him as Walt continues speeding in the money’s direction. Walt, says to Jesse, “Look, I don’t know what you plan on doing here.” Jesse then explains his plan to burn the money. Every last bit of it. Walter begs him not to burn the money. Jesse demands he get out there as fast as he can, he then tells him to stay on the line, do not call for help,  and if he hangs up or the call is dropped, he’s dropping the lighter in the gas soaked money. and he will burn 10 grand a minute until he gets there. Jesse taunts him more by saying he is already burning ten grand, and describing the flames. Walter is screaming for him to stop. Walt tries to reason with Jesse by explaining the cancer is back and he is dying for real this time, and that money if for his family, and if he burns it, he will leave the family with nothing. It’s for his children. “Oh, you’re gonna talk about kids. You seriously wanna go there.” Jesse viciously warns. “I am sorry, about Brock.” Walter offers. “No, you’re not.” Jesse insists. “You’re not, but you’re gonna be” Walter screams that he is sorry for what he did to Brock, but he’s alive. He’s fine, just as he planned, so all should be forgiven. Walter begs, don’t you think I knew what I was doing? Jesse just thinks he is an lying, evil, manipulating scumbag. Walter starts going further into the explanation of why he did it. He needed Jesse on his side to kill Gus. Walter ran over those gang-bangers, and killed Emilio and Krazy-8. Why? To save Jesse’s life. As much as his own and suggests Jesse is just too stupid to see it that way. But, Jesse is gone. Walter keeps yelling into the phone, but Jesse doesn’t respond. Walter speeds toward the money, but when he arrives at the location, no one is there. Walter calls again for Jesse to reply, and says, “I’m here, where are you?” With the phone still to his ear, he gets out of the car, waving a gun towards an empty desert. He runs from the car to get a better view, and then begins to realize, this was all a trick to track him to where his money is.

“Son of a b***h.” Walt whispers to himself. He immediately removes the battery from the back of the phone and throws it to the ground, but it’s too late. And he knows it. He kicks the dirt in anger, and then runs up one of the mounds, and begins coughing heavily. He sits down to compose himself, and in the distance, he can see a cloud of dust being worked up by an approaching vehicle. “No, no, no, no, no.” he says to no one, and then runs back to grab the pieces of the phone. He runs behind a huge rock for cover, reassembles the phone, and calls Uncle Jack. Jack, who is having lunch with a few associates, picks up the phone and is told my Walt, Jesse is coming for him. It’s time. Walt is panicked and he is explaining Jesse knows he’s alone and he might have people with him. Uncle Jack asks how many, but Walter doesn’t know. As Uncle Jack is getting information as to Walter’s location, Todd, Kenny, and the other associates look like they are gearing up for an actual battle, suiting up with big guns, and bullet proof vests. Walter tells jack he is at To’hajiilee, and instructs Jack to get a pen. Jack says, “Go.” And Walter take a lottery ticket out of his wallet and gives him the coordinates “34, 59, 20, 106, 36, 52” and then goes on to explain if he wants Walter alive to cook, he better get there in a hurry, but then tells him to wait, as the vehicle approaches, Walt realizes, Jesse does have someone with him. Hank and Gomie. The whole time, Jack is on the phone wanting to know what’s going on, “Oh my god.” Walt whispers. Uncle Jack is demanding to know what’s going on, but Walt is losing composure and just breathes heavily into the phone. Gomie is holding a shot gun and walking around Walt’s car. Uncle Jack is in Walt’s ear, asking if he sees Jesse, and to tell him what’s going on. Defeated, Walt just whispers, “Forget it. Don’t come.” Jack demands to know what he means, and Walt reiterates, “Do not come. It’s off.” He disconnects the call, and we see Hank has now gotten out of the car, leaving instructions for Jesse to stay in, he’s looking around the desert, gun poised and ready to fire. Hank, Gomie, and Jesse who doesn’t take orders well, are walking around the area, looking for any sign of Walter. Meanwhile, Walter knows he’s lost. He can’t go up against Hank. At least, not outnumbered. He leans his head on the rock as tears form in the corner of his eyes. We can only imagine the thoughts racing through his head. Hank is yelling, “Walt! Come out! It’s over” They stand there for what seems like several minutes, when Hank spots him and points the gun in his direction,”Got him!” We see Walter, slowly emerging from behind the rock. He stands, deflated like a popped balloon. Hank yells for him to drop his gun. Walter raises his hand holding the gun slightly, before letting it just fall out of his hand. Hank yells “Hands up”, and Walter slowly begins to raise them over his head. “Walk towards me slowly!” Hank demands. Walter begins to make his way at a decreased pace, with his arms to the sky. Hank moves slowly toward Walt, while keeping his gun aimed straight at him. Jesse is watching anxiously, as he sees his former teacher/tormentor finally being brought down.

Breaking Bad 6

“Stop” Hank orders, before Walt gets too close. “Turn around.” Hank further instruct Walter to lace his fingers behind his head and walk backward, before telling him to stop and get down on his knees. Jesse looks like he is about to weep with joy. Hank slaps cuffs on Walter. Finally. Hank has now officially gotten the great Heisenberg. From the sudden grimace on Walt’s face as his arms are jerked behind, leads to the conclusion, Hank wasn’t gentle. Hank grabs a hold of the cuffs and pulls Walter to his feet. He spins him around so they can face each other. Gomie hands Hank his shotgun and Hank takes out his phone, bringing up the picture of the barrel of money, makes a point to explain it was taken in his backyard by the barbecue grill, “You know, where we used to cook out with the family.” Hank says to emphasize the betrayal. He goes on to explain Gomie thought the dirt might not match, but Hank knew he would be so worked up at the thought of losing his precious money, he wouldn’t catch it that detail. Jesse is just staring like he can’t believe it’s finally happening. Gomie pats him down and is satisfied there is nothing hiding on his person. Jesse speaks up and says he remembers this place as the location of their first ever cook. He chuckles and asks Walt for confirmation, but before he reply, Hank interrupts saying Walt can make this a whole lot easier if he would just fess up and tell them where the money is buried. Walter says nothing. Hanks says that’s fine, they can get a search team out, no problem. It will be found eventually. Hank asks Gomie if he would like to flip for the honors, but Gomie says the honor belongs to Hank. He turns to face Walter and begins to read him his official Miranda rights. The whole time, Walter and Jesse are glaring at each other. When Hank asks if he understands the rights, and Walter, looks right as Jesse and hisses, “Coward” Hank smiles, and steps aside letting the two face each other. Jesse walks toward Walter, stops and spits in his face. Walter lunges forward, knocking Jesse backward and pins him up against Hank’s SUV, before Gomie and Hank pull the two apart. Gomie pushes Jesse toward Walt’s car, and Hank puts Walter in his. Hank tells Gomie he’s going to take him to town and book him. He suggests Gomie stay until the search team gets there. He says he would take Jesse, but suggests the two might kill each other on the way. Gomie congratulates Hank, and they shake hands. Hanks says he will call the tribal police, and stops to call Marie, who we see has just found the brains in the trash. He tells her he got him. He takes great delight in taunting Hank by waving at him. She asks again in disbelief and then looks as if all the weight in the world has just fallen away. Hank promises, while the next few weeks might get rough, they are going to be alright in the end. Hank hangs up the phone, feeling triumphant, when Walt, sitting in the car, notices a pick-up truck heading in their direction, followed by a car. Gomie notices this too and asks Hank if it’s the tribal police. Walter starts yelling, trying to get Hank’s attention to warn him. Jesse looks to see and he knows this isn’t good. Gomie gets his shotgun ready as Uncle Jack, Todd, and Kenny arrive with a small White Supremacist army, all with their very big guns pointed in their direction. Hank and Gomie pull their weapons and Hank yells, “Police! Drop your weapons.” In the car, Walt is yelling, “Jack, don’t do it!”, in the other car, Jesse looks terrified. Walter is yelling as Jack notices him in a car and Jesse in another. Hanks warns them again to drop their weapons. Jack disputes whether or not they are actually police and demands they show him some ID. Walter is still furiously begging Jack not to do it. Jack offers to give themselves up if Hank and Gomie show their badges. But neither side show any signs of giving in to the other. Walter is still screaming that it’s off and for Jack to stop. The two sides continue to stare each other down.

Breaking Bad 5

Jack gives Kenny a look, and he knowingly responds, and begins shooting rounds of his machine gun. Thus begins the hail of gun fire. Both sides relentlessly firing at the other. Hank and Gomie ducking for cover as they are outnumbered and outarmed. Jesse tries to slide out of the car to make a run for it without being seen. Hanks car is being riddled with bullets and the last we see is Walter falling in to the floorboard for cover, knocking his glasses off on the way down.

So that’s where they left us. I don’t know about you, but I needed a Valium after that one. And I don’t think it’s going to get any less shocking. With only three more to go, and the end being near, I have a feeling hell hasn’t even begun to start breaking loose.

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