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New Trailer and Screens for Pokémon Rumble U

Toy to game’s have certainly become the ‘in thing’ for small children it seems, with Skylanders being a big enough hit to spawn two sequels, Disney Infinity is on the horizon with a massive line of figurines from TV and Film and even Rovio have adopted this gimmick with their Angry Birds series. With hundreds of little collectible plastic figurines to choose from the whole thing seems similar to a certain monster collection game, hmm? Enter Nintendo.

So a while ago Nintendo saw an opportunity to also sell tiny plastic toys for use in their video games (first shown as a concept for Rayman Legends in 2012) and announced earlier this year announced Pokémon Rumble U, a title to use this very system.  I have to admit this whole idea had gotten me genuinely excited, after all I was a young Poké-fan way back wen and wished that there was a more physical element to this game away from my Gameboy and when I first saw Skylanders I though “Nintendo need to do this with Pokémon”. Unfortunately this game is not what I expected.

From the Trailer released today the game is a successor to the 3DS’ Pokémon Rumble Blast and is an eShop downloadable title, far away from the traditional overhead RPG titles like Black and white or the upcoming X and Y titles. but still one’s man trash is another man’s treasure and there will be fans of Pokémon Rumble U that are eagerly awaiting the release of this title and all of it’s plastic figurines too. After all, gotta catch em all!

Also release today are a whole mess of gameplay screens for you to check out in our mini gallery below:


The updated Pokémon Rumble site shows that Rumble u is out now in Japan and will be heading to Europe on the 15th August then the 29th August for North America.


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