Is Simon Pegg Ant-Man?

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Could The World’s End and Star Trek star Simon Pegg be the next Ant-Man? Probably not (or at least I really hope not), but thanks to an image Tweeted out by the star, we’re getting the suggestion that he could be involved.


The Tweet in question here is a photo of Pegg standing in front of a piece of Marvel Wall Art that includes many different characters in the Mavel Universe with one Hero in particular being pointed out… Ant-Man:


As it’s well known by most Pegg has been friends with the chosen Director/Co-Writer of Ant-Man Edger Wright for many years after initially working on Asylum together before Spaced and then the movies that would follow, so you’d think there would be a good chance the we could see the two come together again for Wright’s first stab at Marvel.

Adding Simon Pegg to a Wright film is always a good idea but in my opinion, it would be a better idea to rope in Nick Frost too as the three of them together just create gold.


What are your thoughts? Could Simon Pegg be joining forces with Wright on Ant-Man, or could this be just something to get chins wagging? Who do you see Pegg playing? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. I think it is just a hype thing, Pegg is too typecast for a role such as this, then again he could fancy a new challenge.

    Imagine if he had to play the Ultimate version of Ant man, he would have to play a scientific genius who beats his wife! A challenging role indeed!!