Knightmare Returns: Watch it here

As advertised just two weeks ago, the cult-classic kids fantasy TV show Knightmare has returned for a one off and is available right now. The show’s re-birth has come as part of YouTube’s Geek Week festival running from the 4th August up until this Saturday the 10th.

For those that are too young to remember or grew up outside the UK, Knightmare was a children’s program that ran from the late 80’s to the mid 90’s and for many kids of the era (like the majority of our staff), proved to be one of the stepping stones to introduce them into the world of fantasy. The show takes place in Knightmare Castle where Treguard of Dunshelm (played by Hugo Myatt) bring teams of four children to his Relm and task one of them to be the Dungeoneer and lead their quest through the Castle blindfolded by a larger horned helmet and place trust in the other three youngsters to act as the eyes of the operation.

Knightmare was a massive part of my childhood and I am glad to see it back, but maybe we could see some more new episodes after this one inevitably does well? Anyway here it is:

Not had enough? Well you better get up to Edinburgh Fringe Festival quick because there is a theatrical version of Knightmare running until Thursday the 15th.

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