Eurogamer Expo 2013 Update: Indy Titles

Following on from last weeks initial line up announced for this year’s EuroGamer Expo being held at Earls Court London, another floor list for the show’s Indie Games Arcade has been sent out with a mass of Indy titles for you to get your hands on.

As we did with the Triple-A titles, here’s a run-down of our hot picks:


Teslagrad Mini Header

Coming straight out of Norway from Developers Rain AS, Teslagrad is a puzzle-platformer with a beautiful art style that that makes the game breathe live as if it were a living painting. It has been described as “Jonathan Blow’s Braid but with much a darker style

Regular readers will know that Teslagrad is a favorite at the Palace after we Previewed an Alpha copy it back in May, so you better believe that we’re looking forward to seeing how it’s coming along.

Definitely one to check out.


Fist f Awesome Mini Header

Not too far from this year’s EuroGamer Expo in North London is FIST OF AWESOME, a game for people with Beards! You take control of tough guy bearded Lumberjack Bear Grillz and take off in a Final Fight style land of gameplay to beat up Bears, Moose and even Dinosaurs.

Already released on PC, Mac and the OUYA, FIST OF AWESOME is making it’s way to the iOS and Android soon.

FIST OF AWESOME  has been doing the rounds lately and by just looking at the gorgeous pixel art style alone, you can certainly see why.


Master Reboot Mini Header

This First Person,  Psychological, Adventure Horror title bring exploration and puzzles to a uniquely visual world.

Master Reboot takes place in a world where death no longer means that your Journey in life is over, thanks to the Soul Cloud. Think the Matrix but instead of living batteries a server that holds a persons soul and memories, so that they live on in death.

I’d not heard of Master Reboot until today’s line up had been announced but now after checking it out, I’m excited.


I Get This Call Every Day Mini Header

While not the most beautiful looking game in this line-up (actually it’s downright ugly), there’s something about I Get This Call Everyday that appeals to the former Call Center employee in me. According to David S Gallant the game’s creator, I Get This Call Everyday’s design choice is because “Terrible art conveys a terrible work environment.”

You may recognise this title as Gallant actually lost his job that the game was based upon (possibly over the game itself).


But wait , there’s more. Check out the rest of the games on show below:

PC titles:

Assault Android Cactus
Car Tank
Eden Star
MirrorMoon EP
Skipping Stones
Three Monkeys
Tomb of Rooms

iOS titles:

Out There


There are still limited tickets available which you can order Right Here. For more information about Eurogamer Expo 2013 then check out the Website and be sure to check back here for more coverage from the event.


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