We Want This: Adult High Roller

I’m always looking at ways to preserve my childhood, be that from re-acquiring treasured comics and video games from my past or even still watching pro-wrestling in my late 20’s. So when something like this pops up on Amazon, I get a little exited just to know of it’s very existence.

Introducing the High Roller Adult Size Big Wheel Trike:


This monster tricycle is a Kickstarter success story and comes complete with heavy duty steel frame, molded 14 inch plastic rear wheels (for power slides), 26 inch front wheel, custom freewheel hub (for high speed coasting), super wide rubber front tire for superior traction, fully adjustable padded seat and can support over 275 lbs.

Sadly the High Roller Adult Size Big Wheel Trike is not available in the UK (probably wouldn’t be allowed to bring it on the Underground anyway) but if you’re in the US and can splash the cash, then feel free to send me one one of these bad boys and I will promise to ride around London dressed as Danny from the Shining.

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