gamescom: New PS4 Reboot Title in the Works

AWW YEAH… Children of the Amiga get ready! A reveal trailer was shown at Sony’s GamesCom presentation and it showed a very demonic looking character hacking and slashing his way though enemies, using a variety of weapons before reaching a big bad giant behemoth and summoning shadow clones to join the fight.

That game… Shadow of the Freakin’ Beast.

For those unaware what Shadow of the Beast is, it was was a side-scrolling platform title which was produced by Reflections Interactive and published by the now defunct Psygnosis (Sony Liverpool) in 1989. The original version was released for the Commodore Amiga but the game has been ported to many other systems. In it, players embarked upon an action adventure, seeking to dethrone the Evil Lord Maletoth. It spawned two sequels on the same theme, the last of which being Shadow of the Beast III in 1992.

Here’s some more info from he games’ press release:

  • Explore the eerie, yet beautiful world of Karamoon, discover secret quests and unravel it’s darkest secrets in your bid to overthrow Maletoth.
  • Battle hordes of enemies in ferocious adrenaline fuelled combat, unlocking increasingly brutal moves as you draw power from the blood of your enemies.
  • Discover the souls of other players and summon them to fight at your side, or to lead the way to new locations.
  • Enter Survival mode to put yourself to the test, against increasingly cunning enemies in endless visceral combat.
  • The game is in development at Heavy Spectrum and its release date through PSN – exclusively for PS4 – is to be announced.

With Capcom’s Ducktales, Ubisoft’s Flashback and now this, it’s a good time to be a fan of nostalga.

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