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gamescom: Ryse: Son of Rome Gladiator Multiplayer Mode

A new trailer for Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome shows off Gladiator Mode, this is a multiplayer mode where you are tasked with racking up your kills to entertain your blood thirsty audience.

According to Crytek:

“Ryse offers a large variety of armour, weapons, shields, and consumables to customize your own unique gladiator.”

“These items are earned through gold rewarded from victories in combat and impact your stats by improving your focus, XP, crowd reaction, and health. Consumables are elixirs that have a temporary effect, such as improving health or allowing instant kills.”

By watching the released trailer it seems that your aim is to fight a multiplayer horde mode style arena, slicing and dicing your way through wave after wave of foes in order to fill up an audience meter. This meter is used to gauge excitment levels within the arena of your crowd and ranges from Bored, amused to entertained,

Arenas feature “dynamic tile sets”, movable tiles that make hidden obstacles and scenery rise from the floor. This allows for a variety of battle scenarios, such as strongholds, ruins, and naval arenas.

Ryse will ship with 11 multiplayer maps, with an additional map for anyone who picks up the Day One Edition of the game.

Ryse: Son of Rome will be released as an Xbox One launch exclusive.

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