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Breaking Bad Recap: Episode 10 “Buried”

Welcome back, Breaking Bad fans, I’m glad you could make it. Now, sit back, while I work my little fingers to the bone recapping the exciting season 5, Episode 10, titled ominously, “Buried” Ohhhhh…

Creator: Vince Gilligan 
Staring: Bryan CranstonAaron PaulAnna GunnDean Norris
Run Time: 47 Minutes
Exibition: Streaming, TV Broadcast, Netflix, AMC, HD (1080i)

We begin with a kindly old man, leaving his home at what must have been stupid early o’clock in the morning. Maybe he was going to work. Perhaps he was going fishing. He looked the type to be going fishing. He had a thermos, of I’m assuming coffee. We don’t really learn much about this old man, all we know, he is in for the shock of his life when he finds one of Jesse’s stray bundles of money lying in the ground in front of his truck. He takes a closer look in the headlights to make sure it’s real. He starts to walk back to his truck, where he finds another and another, and for a second seems overcome with emotion, and then, wait…what’s that? Yet another stray bundle of money. He follows the money trail to a playground, where he sees what we know is Jesse’s car, where it looks to have been crashed into a swing set. The hazard lights are on, and the old man investigates, finding the main source of the money trail in Jesse’s large bag of blood money. He keeps walking to where we find our Pinkman slowly dragging himself with his foot, on a merry go round. We get an aerial shot of his face, and by the expression. He appears to have lost his entire mind. He is, for all intents and purposes, destroyed.

And it’s title sequence time.

We pick up again at Hank’s. I know straight away because there is that damn kid with the remote control car. (Go play somewhere else, kid. Sheesh)The garage door opens, and a slightly beat in the face, Walter is walking out and into the harsh light of day. He pauses and turns to face a limping Hank, and they glower at each other in silence for a moment, before Hank closes the door. Walter speeds away, narrowly missing the kid’s car. He starts to peel away, struggling to get his phone out, pulling the car over, he calls Skylar. He calls the car wash and request’s that Mariano get Skylar on the phone, which turns to begging when Mariano explains she can’t come to the phone because she is on another call. No amount of insisting on Walter’s part is going to get her on the phone. Walter demands to know who she is on the phone with, when the garage door opens, and Hank comes limping out on his phone. Now, who could he be talking to at this very moment? Walter resumes the peeling away.

We cut to Skylar in her office at the car wash, having what we can only imagine was not the best phone call ever. “Yeah,” and “OK” are all we get from her side of the conversation as the cell phone is buzzing on the desk. She looks over, and knowing it’s Walter, but she can’t answer.

Walter peels into the car wash and makes a mad dash for the office, but she’s already gone.

Breaking Bad 6

Next scene, we find out, Skylar went to meet Hank. They meet in what appears to be a diner, picked I guess as a neutral location. Skylar nervously approaches Hank, and he gives her a reassuring embrace. They sit, and Hank begins by telling Skylar his head is spinning, and he can’t imagine what’s going on in her head. He goes on to explain, while his head may be spinning, a lot of things are starting to make sense. The trying to drown herself during Walt’s birthday, leaving the kids with Hank and Marie for weeks, it’s all finally coming together for him. He continues by calling Walter a “Monster“, insinuating he threatened Skylar into keeping his secrets. (Which in subtle ways, he kind of has)

The mind games he played, I don’t know if there was abuse, but I want you to know, you can be open with me.” Hank offers, giving Skylar reassurance, like a shoulder to spill the months of harrowing torture at the hands of Heisenberg. Skylar can totally trust him, is what he is trying to say. He doesn’t even know if she has fully grasped the full scope of what he’s done. Not just the meth cooking, “but the lives he’s destroyed“. (247 deaths was the last number I saw, and that was including the people in the two planes that collided. Skylar actually doesn’t know about that)

Hank offers her a clean break. Starting now. Get the kids, bring them to Hank and Marie’s, but first he would just like to take a full statement from when she became first aware of her husband’s side empire.

Skylar, who looked as if she were slightly torn, was suddenly taken aback. “What, here?”  Here is where we really have to give Skylar credit. She was clearly frightened and saw their house of cards quickly crashing down, but now, she sees Hank is just as desperate as they are. He needs Skylar to cooperate. He needs her testimony, or all he has is hearsay and suspicions. Hank goes on about not wanting that bastard to beat the clock, therein dropping the bomb that Walter’s cancer has come back. Skylar now makes the connection, she is being used, and she is one smart cookie, because before she even utters a word of acknowledgement, she suggests she might need a lawyer. Hank disagrees, and becomes even more desperate and tells her that would just be a road block and what she really needs to do is come out to the world saying she has nothing to hide. He finally relents and says, she can speak to a lawyer, but what they need to do is get the kids to his house where they are safe, and put that monster away.

Skylar senses things are happening very fast and asks Hank if she is under arrest. He replies by being all, “You’re not thinking straight about this.” To which Skylar keeps repeating, “AM I UNDER ARREST?” Each time, getting louder and more hysterical. The normal people sat around them enjoying lunch are interrupted by the scene she is making and no amount of effort on Hank’s part will calm her down. She leaves the diner sobbing and a befuddled Hank without the information he needed to take Heisenberg down.

Side note: Performance of the week award goes to Anna Gunn. She experienced about 35 different emotions all in this one scene. And she did it flawlessly.

Our comic relief of the night comes from Saul’s two henchmen going to retrieve Walter’s fat stack in the storage unit. They walk in and the big one says, “I gotta do it.” And proceeds to lay down like he is trying out a new mattress. The other henchman insists he needs to get up “We are here to do a job, not channel Scrooge McDuck” he orders, before giving in and laying down himself. The big guys mumbles something about Mexico, and the other henchman reminds him about the 9 people killed in prison in under two minutes. They won’t be messing with Heisenberg any time soon.

Breaking Bad 1

We join Walter in Saul’s office where they are trying to contact Jesse to alert him to the fact he needs to hide his money. We of course know, he’s been doing the exact opposite of hiding the money and he might be still on the merry go round. Walter gets a call from Skylar and before he can answer, Saul nearly has a stroke. Why in the world are you still carrying that around with a battery? They might have a tracker and able to track his exact location and nobody wants that. Walter is angry Skylar went to Hank without even speaking to him first. Saul and Walter discuss how big of a s**t storm this is going to create. Saul, suggest maybe sending Hank to Belize. You know, where Mike went. Because Mike is totally fine and not at all dead. Walter is aghast at the suggestion. “Hank is family.” He insists, because family is off-limits in a major way. He then threatens to send Saul to “Belize“, being they are of no relation or married to anyone who is, all bets are off.

Walter goes, by himself to bury his fat stack, which the henchmen have kindly put into barrels for him.

We catch up with Skylar back at home where she is trying to contact Walt. There is a knock on the door. Skylar looks out the window to see Hank standing by his car. Marie knows. Hank’s big mouth told her. She yells through the door she will stay there for hours until she is let in, so Skylar relents and opens the door. Marie can come in, but not Hank.

Marie just wants to be assured this isn’t true. Hank must be insane. But, she can tell my Skylar’s inability to look her in the eye, that it’s very much true. The gambling money was all a lie. She asks Skylar how long she’s known. Marie draws her own conclusions after asking if she knew about it when Hank was shot. She then proceeds to slap the ever-loving s**t out of Skylar. Marie knows she won’t talk to Hank because she is still protecting Walt, and you can tell she is nothing but disgusted. So much so, she leaves, but not before trying to take baby Holly. The two sisters then square off, Marie saying she has to get her out of that crazy house, and Skylar, perhaps fearing she would never see her child again, begs her to give her back, they all three scream until Hank finally comes in and demands Marie give Holly back. Back at the car, Marie gives the house a longing look. Everything is wrong, and a place she once loved is now cloaked in lies and corruption. Her own sister, is now a stranger. She whispers to Hank, “You have to get him.

We check in on Walter, at some remote location in the New Mexico desert. Here, he takes a pickaxe and shovel, and without any help, (although the henchman did offer to help, for overtime pay) proceeds to bury what look like six or maybe eight large barrels of money. He tracks the GPS location, and memorizes it before smashing the GPS device.

Breaking Bad 4

He arrives back home looking very much worse for the wear. Skylar, hearing him come in, quietly asks where he’s been? Did you get my calls, and messages. (He didn’t because he tore apart the phone back at Saul’s.) While she is desperately trying to talk to him, he trying to undress and take a show, before passing out, face-first onto the bathroom floor, because of course he did. He’s just single-handedly done the work of maybe 12 men, all while chemo is coursing through his body, obviously weakening him ever so much.

After about what Skylar says was about four or five hours, he wakes on the floor, with a pillow under his head and a blanket over him. Skylar is lovingly wiping his forehead with a cool cloth. They talk about the cancer and she asks if this is it? He asks her, no matter what, that she keep the money, for her and the kids. She promises she said nothing to Hank, and pretty much echoes what Saul said, that without proof Hank has nothing but suspicions.

Next, we join Lydia, with some scary looking man at a remote location. She is unhappy with the quality and wants to know what they’re going to do about it. She demand to see the lab, which is in some underground bunker, under a broken down looking pick-up truck. She climbs down in her Louboutin heels, and demands they do better because while the local “tweekers” are alright with the falling quality, her overseas buyers are not. She wants them to use Todd, but they don’t trust him. Lydia quietly wishes they would reconsider, before a man from up top, shouts down they have a problem. The men go up, leaving Lydia to send a message on her phone, calling for the brutal execution of these men so she can take back control. We know this because who is the friendly voice who tells her when it’s safe to come up after the shoot-out is over? Why it’s trigger happy Todd. She squeamishly tells Todd she doesn’t want to see, and he shrugs and suggests she close her eyes, and he leads her and the Louboutin heels through a maze of desert and dead bodies. One of whom is still showing signs of life, but not for long. “Fire in the hole” yells one of the men, and he shoots the dying man on the ground. And with that, they begin clearing out all of their equipment.

Breaking Bad 3

Back at the Schrader’s, a crestfallen Marie isn’t going to work, while Hank is still pouring over the evidence. She wants Hank to tell his fellow co-workers at the DEA, but Hank says that will effectively end his entire career, by admitting that the one guy who he’s been hunting was his own brother in law. He can’t go in there with suspicion. He needs cold, hard, proof.

Next we see Hank, back at work like everything is normal. He and his former partner, Gomez, exchange chummy insults, and they talk about what’s on the schedule for the day. Then, he says to Hank, “Hey, did you hear about that money thing?

No. Hank has not heard about this money thing.

Gomez then informs him, it has something to do with Hank’s old pal, Jesse Pinkman.

Pinkman” Hank, whispers, and the light bulb goes off.

We cut to Jesse being grilled by a couple of gumshoes, but Jesse looks like he is only in the room in the sense that his body is there, but his mind is somewhere else. They would like to know why he was driving around tossing stacks of money all over the place, and where did the money come from? After they playfully try to insult the information out of him, the gumshoes leave the room, only to run into Hank, who says he and Jesse go way back and although they are not on the best of terms, maybe he can get him to talk. The gumshoes think a smoke break is in order and leave Hank in charge of Jesse. Hank goes in, closes the door, and that’s it. Yeah, that’s where we left off.

So, what in the world is going to happen from here? Is Hank going to make Jesse talk? Is that even possible at this point? Is Marie going to make further attempts to smack the s**t out of Skylar or steal her children? Who has their days numbered? Will Lydia and her Louboutin heels get the quality back up with Todd at the helm?

We have a week to think about it. So, in the words of Snoop Dog, “Just chill, till the next episode“.

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